How to make darkness flee

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How to make darkness flee  Darkness always runs away from gratitude and thankfulness. Much Love, Jonathan Help me out please ~ if this Daily Dose spoke to you, forward it to someone who would benefit from this message. Even better, invite them to subscribe. Help me in my mission to help people to do better […]

Ranches and rivers and rivers of money

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Ranches and rivers and rivers of money  A common money saboteur is the idea that money comes from people and so if I take your money then you will have less. But since I’m a good guy, I cannot do that to you so therefore I better not take your money (or at least give […]

Goal achieving does not equal arriving

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Goal achieving does not equal arriving  A mistake people make is to visualize to their goals rather than through their goals. Because after we hit a goal, there is still life to live. I haven’t “arrived” once I hit that goal. Let’s use the example of running a marathon. Absolutely I should celebrate crossing the […]

To visualize or not to visualize . . .

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To visualize or not to visualize . . .  Undoubtedly you have heard of the power of visualization but do you have a daily practice of visualization? If not, you most likely (polite for certainly) have a lousy story or limiting belief that is stopping you from visualizing. Step one then is to do the […]

Aiming for broke and hefty

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Aiming for broke and hefty   Our behaviors not our words tell us what we are aiming at. I might say that I want to be sexy and successful – but if I buy my excuses, if I avoid making my phone calls and avoid exercising then I’m aiming for hefty and broke. Much Love, […]


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Over-Visualization One of the important things to remember with visualization (and affirmations) is that the feelings are the most important part. So often times when people visualize something that seems to be too big of a stretch for them, it creates feelings like doubt and disbelief and brings their energy down. When this happens then […]

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