Ranches and rivers and rivers of money

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Ranches and rivers and rivers of money 
A common money saboteur is the idea that money comes from people and so if I take your money then you will have less. But since I’m a good guy, I cannot do that to you so therefore I better not take your money (or at least give you a discount).
Money doesn’t come from people, it comes through people. Money is also called currency and currents flow.
Imagine that we have ranches right next to each other and that a river flows through our ranches. And imagine that your ranch is upriver from mine so that the water flows from your ranch into mine.
Am I taking your water? No, of course not. The river flows into your ranch and blesses you and then it flows into my ranch and blesses me and then it flows into the next person’s ranch and blesses them, and so on . . .
And each of us could have a dam and a reservoir where we keep some of the water but there is always some flowing in and some flowing out.
That’s the way money works too – unless we get in the way.
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