Give Energy

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Give Energy  About half way through our ski day, I asked my daughter, “on a scale of 1 -10, 10 being the funnest ski day ever, how much fun are you having?” She said, “4.” That opened the door to have a conversation about giving energy. I told her that it was like I was […]

Bump and Swirl

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Bump and Swirl We are hanging out at a coffee shop in Anchorage (because I’d much rather hang out here than at the airport). Terry, an artist, had some of his work spread out on his table and we struck up a conversation. He used the phrase “BUMPANDSWIRL!” in talking about life and about his […]

Intend and love what is

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Intend and love what is I’m salmon fishing on the Kenai River in Alaska. My intention is to catch a lot of fish. And then we also have to deal with what life brings us. Sometimes there aren’t many fish moving up river. Sometimes fish get away. I’ve fished many more hours today than I […]

(dis) R…E…S…P…E…C…T

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(dis) R…E…S…P…E…C…T  There are two flavors of upset: you hurt my feelings and you dissed me ~ disrespected, dishonored, disapproved, discounted, disregarded, devalued, wasted my time, disloyal. This Dose addresses being dissed. Being dissed usually creates resentment and anger. It can also easily lead to a decrease of action and a “why bother” attitude. We […]

It isn’t about choosing between hard and easy

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It isn’t about choosing between hard and easy Because people typically look at things from a very short term view point, they often think that the choice is between hard and easy. And then, people are inclined to choose easy. But when we expand that view point, we see that the choice is between hard […]

Puncture wounds

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Puncture wounds This year for the first time, they mulched the trees around the sand volleyball courts with wood chips. Of course the kids bring the wood chips into the sand. So every time that I play, I clear wood chips out of the sand. On Saturday I gave a handful of rescued wood chips […]

Circus expectations

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Circus expectations We saw Toruk by Cirque Du Soleil this evening. Toruk trades the breathtaking acrobatics of every other Cirque Du Soleil performance that I’ve seen for breathtaking special effects and set design. Toruk was almost like a play with some acrobatics thrown in. Based on my previous experiences, it was not at all what […]

The Other Shoe Meets Rube Goldberg

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The Other Shoe Meets Rube Goldberg There’s a common bit of head trash about waiting for the other shoe to fall (expecting that something bad will happen). If you happen to suffer from this bit of head trash, here are two ways that you can twist it to your benefit. What if the other shoe […]

Deer Conversations

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Deer Conversations  Can you imagine two deer talking? ~ Deer 1: Gosh I sure hope there’s still grass to eat in August. Deer 2: Me too. Where in the world is it going to come from? I’m starting to stress out here! Deer 1: What are we going to do? Our ability to think is […]


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Memories Anne and I attended Sweet & Lucky earlier tonight (Denver Center for the Performing Arts largest immersive show to date). The performance’s theme is memory and memories. From the playbill, “Our memories shape who we are. There are moments that we want to remember forever, and those we cannot seem to forget. As we […]

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