Don’t always trust your feelings

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There are definitely times we shouldn’t trust our feelings or our thoughts. I got rear ended today on the way to pick my daughter up from school. (I’m okay.) Once I got home and was able to just sit still for a minute, I immediately felt a huge wave of sadness. If I hadn’t been […]

Warped Luxury of Negative Self Talk

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If you want to believe in yourself and be more confident, you cannot afford the warped luxury of negative self talk. It is impossible to believe in yourself when you are calling yourself a “loser” (and worse). Negative self talk is just a habit. Habits can be changed! Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily […]

The Room With 100 Doors

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Imagine a room with 100 doors. And, you are giving all of your attention and focus to just a couple of those doors because you have (in your infinite wisdom) decided that your good will definitely come through those specific doors. There might even be knocking at a different door but you say, “Go away. […]

Argue for greatness

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We can either argue for our limitations or we can argue for our greatness. These two produce wildly different results. Mass consciousness has taught us to argue for our limitations – and that’s a pretty crappy strategy. What if we spent all that energy and effort arguing for our greatness instead. Much Love, Jonathan I […]

Lack of dedication???

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I heard a speaker say that in his experience most people fail due to a lack of dedication. I can see that and I also think that we can take a deeper look at this. Why do people have a lack of dedication? I think it is because they are experiencing a lack of possibility. […]


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Hey let’s go do some chores! Doesn’t that sound like fun? – No? Not really? You’d rather not? So here’s the question: How much of your life do you view as a chore? As soon as we think of something as a chore, our energy goes down. When our energy goes down, our enthusiasm goes […]

Personal growth gone awry

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Some of the ideas in personal growth have been taken far too far and consequently produce some negative consequences ~ specifically: the rule that we have to always be positive, and the idea that negative emotions are wrong and we shouldn’t have them. The all-out commitment to positivity often results in denial. And, there is […]

It is okay for me to get rich while doing good???

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It is okay for me to get rich while doing good. What happened when you read that sentence? For a lot of people, that sentence pressed some buttons – total head trash buttons. Which means that things are totally backwards. That is the way we should become rich – by doing good, contributing to others, […]

At What Point Does Your Head Explode?

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Imagine checking the mail, and finding a check for $100 dollars from a client or your employer along with a note that says, “Here’s a tip for doing such a great job.” Are you okay with this or does it freak you out? Now, let’s keep increasing the amount until we find the point where […]

Why Make It So Complicated???

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Something weird just started happening with my email. A handful of email addresses trigger “Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender” because I’m somehow on the spamhouse zen list. (So, I get blocked while trying to email some info to another computer in my own house.) The return emails have a link that is supposed […]

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