Playing both sides of the ping pong table ~ the myth of multitasking

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Playing both sides of the ping pong table ~ the myth of multitasking

Whether you are male or female, your conscious brain can only deal with a fairly small amount of information at any given time (Neurosciences tell us that we can handle 5-9 bits of information at any one time). That’s it.

So when people attempt to multitask, they aren’t keeping two streams of info flow wide open. They are rapidly bouncing back and forth between the two. This is why multitasking tends to wear people out. Imagine trying to play both sides of the ping pong table. You’d get tired quick.

Undoubtedly, you’ve been on the phone with someone who’s multitasking. It isn’t a great experience. Sure, they might be able to follow the flow of the conversation but you don’t get their presence or their heart. It cannot hold a candle to someone who is fully giving you their attention. And, the multitasker doesn’t get the experience of genuine connection either.

Don’t do that to people.

If you are a multitasker, I invite you to really pay attention to how it makes you feel. My guess is that you won’t like the feeling.

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