Now Go Play

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Now Go Play Possibly the biggest trap that people fall into is thinking that there is somewhere to get to. Life will be better when______ (I have more money, am skinnier, am more successful, have that new title, am in a better relationship, etc.) No it will not!!! You will still be you with your […]

Not Having Fun

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Not Having Fun When we notice that we aren’t having fun, we have 3 options. Option 1 is to soldier on and keep doing it anyway. What this option fails to take into account is the consequences of lowering our energy, aliveness, and enthusiasm. When this happens, life becomes so much harder. Productivity and effectiveness […]

The Words Do Matter

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The Words Do Matter We often think that we use our words like a reporter on the scene describing what is going on ~ as if we were being factual and objective. The words we use are much more like the artist’s paint brush. They are painting the picture, creating our experience. Right now I’m […]

Remember the Deeper Purpose of LOA

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Remember the Deeper Purpose of LOA There is the shallow understanding of the Law of Attraction ~ how do I get more stuff? Then there is the deeper understanding ~ how do I shift my approach to life so that I live a life of kindness, open-heartedness, beauty, love, happiness, centeredness, and acceptance? When we […]

Your #1 Success Strategy

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Your #1 Success Strategy I recently finished a month long group coaching program. All of the participants mentioned that they loved the program and that it was quite different from what they expected. That is because we almost always tend to think about success and improved results in terms of “doing” rather than in terms […]

A Penny’s Worth Of Progress

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A Penny’s Worth Of Progress I spoke at a retreat a few weeks ago. One of my points of emphasis was celebrating progress and celebrating what we did get done rather than belittling ourselves for what we did not get done. Afterwards, I received an email from Lisa S who came up with a simply […]


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I’m tired (fished until 2:00-ish am the last two nights and then got up at 4:30 for my conference call). It hurts to type because my finger tips are cut up and throbbing from fishing. For the first time since I started writing these, I don’t know what to say. When we don’t know what to do – […]

Getting Schooled by the Kenai River

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Getting Schooled by the Kenai River    I’m Salmon fishing in Alaska on the Kenai River. And, man-oh-man has the river been teaching me some lessons the last couple of days. 1)      Comparing does not create happiness ~ Guy from Montana is an amazing fisherman. One afternoon he had more salmon on then the other 10 […]

Back Up On My Soapbox of Celebrating Progress

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Back Up On My Soapbox of Celebrating Progress One of the most useful things you can do for yourself is to learn to celebrate your progress ~ even incremental progress! There are a ton of benefits to this practice. It is a great productivity strategy. Are you more likely to take action after you have […]

Warning Do Not Use Without Adult Supervision

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Warning Do Not Use Without Adult Supervision Here’s the problem, we have been using the label gun without proper wise adult supervision. Consequently, we have stuck all kinds of ridiculous labels on ourselves and even worse – believed that they are true. Here’s just a few of these ridiculous labels I’ve recently encountered: I am […]

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