Upstream adjustments

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Upstream adjustments  A friend of mine has a sign on his refrigerator, “Abs are made in the kitchen”. That’s a great reminder to delay gratification and to support him in making the choices that are congruent with his health and fitness goals. There is also an upstream adjustment that can be made, “Abs are made […]

Forgiveness of Self

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Forgiveness of Self  Is there anything that you haven’t forgiven yourself for doing (or not doing)? If we are honest with ourselves – most likely there are some areas of unforgiveness. If we cannot forgive ourselves, then on some level we are saying that we are bad and wrong. If we are bad and wrong […]

Wonder vs Worry

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Wonder vs Worry  Worry is such a damaging thing and we tend to be like a dog with a good bone when it comes to worry – we chew on it and chew on it and chew on it some more. Instead of worrying try wondering. Worrying is focusing on what we do not want […]

What are we waiting for???

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What are we waiting for???  It is amazing how easily we can come up with stories, and reasons, and excuses for not being in action, for not doing the things that will help us to become the person we want to be and to have the results we want to have. However, this is an […]

Throwing ice cubes into the ocean

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Throwing ice cubes into the ocean  A couple of weeks ago, we were snorkeling in the Caribbean. If someone had thrown ice cubes into the delightful warm water around me, it wouldn’t have mattered. The volume of warm water was infinitely more than the volume of a few ice cubes. The impact of those ice […]

Punitive or corrective

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Punitive or corrective  I’ve been thinking about these two words a lot today. And, what I’ve seen is that I have a lot more punitive in me than I’d like to have. Is life’s job to harshly punish us when we make a mistake or to correct us so that we get back on track? […]

A strange sleep

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A strange sleep  I had a strange night last night. I woke up at least 6 times with the thought “Love more, judge less” on my mind. I would wake up, think that thought, then think “that makes a lot of sense”, and then fall back asleep. That thought does make a lot of sense. […]

Bigger than our problems

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Bigger than our problems  There’s an old saying about being bigger than our problems. What would happen if we took this literally? Think about one of your big problems. This could be with a person or a situation. Now notice that from your mind’s eye perspective, that person or that situation is bigger than you […]

Cave Tubing Wisdom

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Cave Tubing Wisdom We went cave tubing (floating on a river that runs underneath a mountain) in Belize. The crystal-clear water in this beautiful river comes from springs. So, day in and day out this river is full of water that just comes out of the ground. Somehow this got me thinking about having a […]

Slowing down to do better

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Slowing down to do better  When we get busy, we tend to skip the self-care and self-nurturing routines that support us. This is a mistake. Sure, these routines do take time. However, being calm and being centered allow us to work faster, more effectively, more accurately, and more creatively. (Scientifically proven.) Thus, we end up […]

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