Sometimes it is useful to put ourselves in a tough spot

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Sometimes it is useful to put ourselves in a tough spot  While skiing today, I ended up on top of a ledge that was about 4 feet tall. While I was debating the merits of skiing over the edge (I’m not a big air guy) a boy and girl in their ski team jackets stopped […]

Incredibly backwards

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Incredibly backwards  Mass consciousness/group think/the status quo/the world out there is so backwards in so many ways. One of those ways is how often people criticize, belittle, condemn, negatively judge, and withhold energy – rather than support, uplift, and give energy. The key thing we are missing every time we engage in that sort of […]

A better way to view fear

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A better way to view fear  Fear usually means that we are trying to do something that is outside of our self-image, outside of our comfort zone, outside of who we know ourselves to be. So, that fear is showing us our self-imposed limits. It simply means that a lousy story or a disempowering belief […]

MasterCard, Visa, or Discomfort

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MasterCard, Visa, or Discomfort  If we want to get from point A to point B via airplane, we will need a ticket. There are some costs involved in getting this ticket – time, effort, and money. If we want to go from where we are now to better results or a better life, there is […]

Sad Sack

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Sad Sack  Imagine putting on some dirty ripped clothes, smearing your face with grime, and adding a strong dose of odor. Then imagine deciding that this is the true you, your real identity. This is it! This is how you are going to live from now on. This does not sound like a good plan […]

Antidote for Grief

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Antidote for Grief  Here’s a fantastic little NLP (neurolinguistic programming) technique for dealing with grief. Look up and to your right and then make a picture of the person that you are missing, that you are grieving for. As soon as we make that picture, that person is now with us so we cannot feel […]

Give Energy

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Give Energy  About half way through our ski day, I asked my daughter, “on a scale of 1 -10, 10 being the funnest ski day ever, how much fun are you having?” She said, “4.” That opened the door to have a conversation about giving energy. I told her that it was like I was […]

Conflicting Agendas

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Conflicting Agendas  One of my agendas is to be a great father. Another of my agendas is to grow my business. So the question is: Can these two agendas coexist? The answer is: It depends. It depends on my perspective. If I view things from an either or perspective then one happens at the expense […]

Trusting that people will do what they need to do

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Trusting that people will do what they need to do  Life is so much easier when we trust rather than worry, fret, and catastrophize. In the last few days I have been reaching out to people to promote my upcoming Breakthrough to Unprecedented Results program. Several previous coaching clients have responded with an apology for […]

Pet Peeves – how ridiculous

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 Pet Peeves – how ridiculous  As I was driving into the mountains today (ski day), I repeatedly came upon people who were driving slow in the left lane. I started to identify that as a pet peeve of mine. Then I woke up and said to myself, “what in the heck are you doing??????” I’m […]

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