What in the world have we agreed to?

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What in the world have we agreed to? 
Imagine that a kid makes a mistake and then mom or dad gets really mad. At that moment, the kid could create an agreement along the lines of “I’ll be perfect from now on and in exchange, you will never get mad at me again (because that was really scary) and instead will love me.”
The kid does not do this consciously and the parent never agrees to this (because they don’t even know that it happened) but this agreement is binding. The kid now has to be perfect even though the kid is not getting the agreed upon return. So, it becomes a lose lose scenario for the kid.
We have all made agreements like that and many of them are still in play all these years later because the agreements are binding.
Clients have experienced some pretty dramatic changes when I have helped them break these agreements.
There’s also another category of agreements. These are the agreements that we make with group think and conventional wisdom. These are equally binding and could look like:
  • Making money is hard in this economy
  • Have to pay my dues first before I can succeed
  • It is difficult to find new clients
  • It is hard to lose weight
  • Finances are a struggle
  • Relationships are mediocre
  • Have to work hard for unsatisfactory returns
  • Not okay to be too happy
  • Belief in scarcity
  • I have to talk to a lot of people in order to get new business
  • And on and on . . .
We have agreed to a lot of things that make life far harder than it needs to be. And, we can break these agreements and replace them with better agreements.
  • I agree to making money easily and enjoyably
  • I agree to being ready now
  • I agree to a steady stream of new clients
  • I agree to being slim
  • I agree to finances working great
  • I agree to an excellent relationship
  • I agree to great results
  • I agree to happiness
  • I agree to abundance
  • I agree to business development being easy, fast, efficient, and enjoyable
  • And on and on . . .
“I agree” is a very powerful statement. I invite you to play with this and see what you notice. I suspect that you will find it very liberating.

Much Love,

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