Wrestling with an Angel or a Demon (you get to choose)

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Wrestling with an Angel or a Demon (you get to choose)

I talked to a friend this morning. He just had a big unexpected expense show up in his life.

He shared that he would notice the negative feelings come up (the invitation to be stressed, worried, and anxious) and then he would let go and release. Then he’d be good for a while and then the negative feelings would show up again and he would repeat the process. ~ Sound familiar?

There are several great nuggets in this story:

1)      Q: How many times do we need to let go of something? A: As many times as it takes. A boxer was asked, “What is the secret of your success?” He replied, “I’ve always just gotten up one more time than I’ve been knocked down.”

2)      There is a ton of progress here to celebrate! Instead of just taking the invitation to be upset and then being lost in a storm of negative energy and emotion (throwing out poop-covered boomerangs left and right), he noticed it and is wrestling with it. Oh my gosh is that awesome progress! Time to celebrate!

3)      We have a choice in how we view these experiences. Is he wrestling with an angel or a demon? If we believe that our lives are falling together and that God and the Universe are conspiring for our good then life is our ally and he is wrestling with an angel.

Life will continually show us where we are in our own way, what we can let go of, and where we are limiting ourselves. Life does that so that we can let go of limitation and expand what is possible for us and how much good can show up in our lives. Whether we view that as a great opportunity to become the best possible person we can be, or a tremendous inconvenience that we hope to survive, is up to us.

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