Closing our hearts does not help

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Closing our hearts does not help

Sabine’s friend hurt her knee while we were skiing yesterday.

However, when we were in the first aid building it looked like Sabine was in worse pain. Ron, the ski patrol guy, was joking around and keeping it light while he did his thing. I was joking around. Sabine’s friend was calm and laughing at the jokes. Sabine looked like she was going to cry at any moment.

I pulled her aside and said, “It is a beautiful thing that you have such a big and wonderful heart and are concerned about your friend. And, closing your heart does not help her and it does not help you. Can you keep your heart open?”

We have learned to shut down in these kinds of situations. But, how can that possibly help? How?

When we shut down, we become more apathetic, lethargic, and easily upset. Our brains work slower, less accurately, and less creatively. Our bodies and immune systems become weaker. And, we become less magnetic and receptive to our good. How can this help the situation?

Furthermore, moods are contagious. So now there is the possibility of bringing others down too. How will that help?

Compassion does not mean that we need to join people in their suffering. That does not help.

Much Love,

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