Camping and other first world problems

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Camping and other first world problems  We go camping for fun. We sleep on the ground, cook over fires, fetch water, and risk getting wet if it rains while we are sleeping – and we call this “roughing it” and consider it an adventure. For millions of people, this is everyday life, this is as […]

Being Grateful For The Things We Take For Granted

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Today I will be getting my head shaved for St Baldrick’s, a non-profit organization that raises money for childhood cancer research. Part of the reason I do this every year is to remind myself to be grateful for what I already have. Both of my daughters are totally healthy and for that I am so […]

Life Is Good

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I‘m sitting here wondering what to write about ~ and “life is good” popped into my mind. Because my life truly is good and I am very grateful!  hen I thought about the Life Is Good t-shirt company and wondered if it is just a catchy slogan or whether they walk their talk.  ell, a […]

1 Year Anniversary December 4, 2014

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December 4th, is a pretty big deal for me. The Daily Dose of Jonathan is one year old.  I’m clear that writing is one of the things I am supposed to be doing here on planet earth. But before I started my daily email, I was not writing on a regular basis. Now I am. […]

More About Comparison

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More About Comparison My week of fishing in Alaska has shown me over and over just how destructive comparison can be. I saw many instances of people getting frustrated, mad, depressed, apathetic, and disappointed because someone was catching more salmon than they were. (I had my moments of this too.) Obviously when this happens, the […]


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I’m tired (fished until 2:00-ish am the last two nights and then got up at 4:30 for my conference call). It hurts to type because my finger tips are cut up and throbbing from fishing. For the first time since I started writing these, I don’t know what to say. When we don’t know what to do – […]

Getting Schooled by the Kenai River

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Getting Schooled by the Kenai River    I’m Salmon fishing in Alaska on the Kenai River. And, man-oh-man has the river been teaching me some lessons the last couple of days. 1)      Comparing does not create happiness ~ Guy from Montana is an amazing fisherman. One afternoon he had more salmon on then the other 10 […]

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