The safety of playing small

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The safety of playing small  There’s a risk to setting big goals. There’s a risk to showing up. There’s a risk to going for it. There’s a risk to praying for miracles. The risk is that if it does not happen we will be forced to do some introspection, we will be forced to take […]

Head Trash and Referrals

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Head Trash and Referrals Referrals are the easiest (by far) way to get new business. However, many people struggle with asking for them. Why? Here are a few major head trash reasons why: Asking for help is not okay because I should be able to do it by myself. So asking for help proves that […]

Is Your Future Safe?

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Say out loud, “the future is safe.” Then rate how that feels on a scale of 1-10, 1 being liar liar and 10 being totally true. If that isn’t a 9 or 10 you probably have some resistance to setting goals, to visualizing, and to being proactive. If the future isn’t safe, why in the […]

Redefining Risky Business and the Safer Path

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It is almost impossible to escape the gravitational pull of our comfort zones when we are operating under the story that comfort equals safety. The number one human need is safety and survival – so if we have it wired that getting out of our comfort zone is not safe – it will be impossible […]

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