The wrong to-do list

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The wrong to-do list  The temptation is to fill our schedules with action items that are in our comfort zone. This gives us a mock sense of accomplishment because we can point to all that we got done. But ultimately, this doesn’t support us in becoming the person we want to be or in achieving […]

Drastic reduction in suffering

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Drastic reduction in suffering  We are so quick to react and judge our immediate circumstances as good or bad. But, in order to really know what anything means, we would need to be able to see the future. When we judge the circumstances as bad, we get to suffer. A great antidote to this is […]

A bad idea

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A bad idea  Sales training teaches us that if we make a prospect feel stupid, they probably are not going to buy from us. We can do this by using jargon, big words, acronyms, by making things unnecessarily complicated, by acting superior . . . That seems like a good strategy to apply everywhere in […]

You and Mt. Evans

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You and Mt. Evans  If I got down on my knees and aimed my camera up at you, I could make you look taller than the Rocky Mountains in the background. However, if I thought that you were taller than the mountains then I would be seriously deluded. That’s a pretty good metaphor for what […]

Discount or Celebrate

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Discount or Celebrate  I biked the Bluffs Regional Park Trail this morning. (This is part of my new plan to devote more time and effort to my physical fitness. The climb up the bluff is a decent workout. It is fairly steep without any breaks.) I made it to the top just fine but had […]

A strange sleep

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A strange sleep  I had a strange night last night. I woke up at least 6 times with the thought “Love more, judge less” on my mind. I would wake up, think that thought, then think “that makes a lot of sense”, and then fall back asleep. That thought does make a lot of sense. […]

Darkness flashlight

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Darkness flashlight  Imagine a darkness flashlight that projects more darkness rather than light. The uses for this would be rather limited and most of the time it would just make things worse. However, this is what people do so often. We have the mistaken notion that sympathy, empathy, and compassion somehow require us to feel […]

Words and focus

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Words and focus  Our words determine our focus and what we focus on is what we get – whether it is what we do want or what we do not want. Are we getting out of debt or creating wealth? Are we fixing problems or working on improvement projects? Are we losing weight or getting […]

After the fact

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After the fact  When we have that realization after the fact: I didn’t do what I wanted to in that situation I made a mistake I did that thing again There’s a better way to handle that Etc. What do we do next? Do we beat up on ourselves, or do we let it go? […]

Conflicting Agendas

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Conflicting Agendas  One of my agendas is to be a great father. Another of my agendas is to grow my business. So the question is: Can these two agendas coexist? The answer is: It depends. It depends on my perspective. If I view things from an either or perspective then one happens at the expense […]

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