Change happens in moments

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Change happens in moments  Of course, we want big sweeping instantaneous change. However, that is not the way change usually happens. Changing habits, ways of being, ways of thinking, ways of acting – this happens in moments. Moments strung together become minutes. Minutes become hours and hours becomes days. Focus on the moments. Appreciate the […]

Real reality vs virtual reality

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Real reality vs virtual reality  The people from facebook had a virtual reality exhibit set up in Center Village at Copper Mountain today. One of the facebook guys asked me if I wanted to check it out. I told him that since I was there skiing (and the skiing was wonderful) I would stick to […]

Unintended lessons from the theatre

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Unintended lessons from the theatre Anne and I went to Sleep No More last night, a promenade theatre experience. That means we spent 3 hours walking up and down stairs and all around a 5-story venue. And, we were wearing masks the whole time. It has been said that character and integrity can be measured […]

Self-taught by an idiot

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Self-taught by an idiot  We all sell. You might or might not officially sell in your career but when we interact with others, we are often selling. Where should we go for dinner tonight? = sales As a kid – do you want to play at recess? = sales Would you help me with this? […]

Bitter to Bittersweet

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Bitter to Bittersweet As I mentioned in the last Dose, my daughter’s pet rabbit died. This experience has been a great reminder for me and a great teaching opportunity for my daughter that we ALWAYS get to choose the direction of our thoughts. If she thinks about, “why did this happen?” and thoughts of that […]

Recognizing Progress

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Recognizing Progress 2 years ago I wrote a Daily Dose about my fishing trip to Alaska. I talked about how I was frustrated because I had so many salmon on but couldn’t land any of them. Meanwhile other people around me were landing fish after fish. However, there were also people who were frustrated by […]

Bump and Swirl

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Bump and Swirl We are hanging out at a coffee shop in Anchorage (because I’d much rather hang out here than at the airport). Terry, an artist, had some of his work spread out on his table and we struck up a conversation. He used the phrase “BUMPANDSWIRL!” in talking about life and about his […]

Unfolding Perfectly

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Unfolding Perfectly Being in Alaska has given me several opportunities to reflect on my life and how it has perfectly unfolded. Looking back, I can see those forks in the road where if I had turned a different direction, my life would look very different than it does now. Laura, who took us on a […]

The Seriousness Trap

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The Seriousness Trap Baseball player David Ortiz is retiring after this season. He seems to be enjoying his farewell tour. In a recent game, he hit a single and then gave the first base man a shoulder massage. Ortiz video Now obviously I don’t know what is going on in his head but here are a […]

Upgraded Instant Replay

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Upgraded Instant Replay In volleyball you can play far better defense if you watch the hitter’s arm rather than the ball. When you do this, you can tell how hard they are hitting and where they are hitting before they ever hit the ball. If you watch the ball, you can only tell these things […]

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