Misdirected Defiance

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Misdirected Defiance  Defiance is often at the root of our self-sabotaging behaviors. Look at the things you do that you know you shouldn’t be doing ~ hitting the snooze button, making poor food choices, choosing not to exercise, staying up too late, choosing not to make phone calls, binge watching TV, aimlessly surfing the web […]

Brutality of disappointment

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Brutality of disappointment  Many times, there are potential action items that we are uncomfortable doing. We can make it easier to do these things when we get honest with ourselves about how painful it is to be disappointed in ourselves. When we don’t do the thing(s) that would move us forward, we end up feeling […]

Need for approval

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Need for approval   How many times in my career have I let my need for approval prevent me from doing my job or at least doing my job with excellence? ~ Far too many times! For example: When someone approaches me about coaching – they are experiencing frustration, suffering, pain, disappointment, a hunger for […]

(dis) R…E…S…P…E…C…T

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(dis) R…E…S…P…E…C…T  There are two flavors of upset: you hurt my feelings and you dissed me ~ disrespected, dishonored, disapproved, discounted, disregarded, devalued, wasted my time, disloyal. This Dose addresses being dissed. Being dissed usually creates resentment and anger. It can also easily lead to a decrease of action and a “why bother” attitude. We […]

Better off jumping

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Better off jumping My daughter went on a rafting trip last week. Her favorite part of the trip was when she screwed up her courage enough to jump off a cliff and into the river. This reminded me of an experience I had on a rafting trip back in high school. My friend and I […]

Slave Mentality

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Slave Mentality The other day a client referred to the Bible story of the Israelites wandering in the wilderness for 40 years before being able to enter the promised land. They were not allowed to enter the promised land until all those who lacked belief in God’s word and promises had died off. These people […]

Demon of doubt be gone

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Demon of doubt be gone  Sometimes it is as simple as firmly telling that voice of doubt to go away, to tell that voice that it is not welcome here and must leave now. Much Love, Jonathan  I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people […]

Mistakes and Forgiveness

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Mistakes and Forgiveness We’ve all made mistakes and poor decisions. We have all had things that didn’t go as planned. And chances are very good that when these things happened, we didn’t wake up that morning and ask ourselves, “How can I really screw up today and the rest of my life? How can I […]

Entitled to their opinion

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Entitled to their opinion Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion – even if we don’t agree with it. A differing opinion doesn’t mean that other person is stupid, wrong, or a troll. People often forget this. And, it seems to be getting worse with the ramp up to the presidential race. Here’s […]

Legal rights and self-condemnation

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Legal rights and self-condemnation Imagine that we have to go get a permit anytime we want to change ourselves and that the permitting process happens court room style. So there we are in court submitting our proposal to do better in business and then the prosecutor pulls out this long list of times and dates […]

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