Misdirected Defiance

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Misdirected Defiance 
Defiance is often at the root of our self-sabotaging behaviors.
Look at the things you do that you know you shouldn’t be doing ~ hitting the snooze button, making poor food choices, choosing not to exercise, staying up too late, choosing not to make phone calls, binge watching TV, aimlessly surfing the web . . . Chances are very good that there is an element of defiance to these behavior choices.
In these cases, our inner control freak is rubbing his/her hands together in delight “Oh finally! Something that I can actually control (all my other efforts at control are failing miserably)!!!” The control freak says, “I’ll show you. You cannot make me do that. You are not the boss of me. I’m the boss here!” And then we misbehave.
There is a time and place for defiance. However, this is misplaced defiance. It does nothing to make our lives or situations better.
Let’s take this defiance and redirect it towards mediocrity, passivity, playing small, thinking poorly of ourselves, negative self talk . . . “Oh I’m not doing that crap anymore! And, you cannot make me!!!”
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photo credit: CJS*64 “Play the long ball” via photopin (license)

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