Fountain of joy

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Fountain of joy  What is it in your life, in your thinking, in your habits that prevents your heart from constantly being filled with joy? (I invite you to take a minute and really think about this.) And, would that be worth addressing? On the deepest level, the answer to that question is self-judgment and […]

Do what you can

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Do what you can  I was the sort team leader for about 20 new volunteers at Project CURE today. (Project CURE is the world’s biggest distributor of donated medical supplies and an amazing non-profit organization.) Our job was to sort boxes filled with all sorts of medical supplies into 140 different bins like IV start […]

Money and guilt and inaccurate thinking

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Money and guilt and inaccurate thinking  In our world, there’s a lot of guilt associated with money. Most, if not all, of this is based on inaccurate thinking. The thinking goes that the more I have the less someone else has. This creates a dilemma. Either I can be a good guy or I can […]

Taking ourselves for granted

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Taking ourselves for granted  Does anyone enjoy being taken for granted? Of course not! So, why do we take ourselves for granted so often? What would happen if we started appreciating ourselves more? What would happen if we started to give ourselves credit for the things we have gotten done instead of discounting them and […]

Already validated

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Already validated  Imagine parking in a garage and then going to a restaurant that validates your parking. Then imagine that every couple of minutes you go to the hostess stand and check if you are still validated. That would be pretty silly. A much better plan would be to relax, enjoy your dinner, and trust […]

A strange sleep

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A strange sleep  I had a strange night last night. I woke up at least 6 times with the thought “Love more, judge less” on my mind. I would wake up, think that thought, then think “that makes a lot of sense”, and then fall back asleep. That thought does make a lot of sense. […]

Delayed results

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Delayed results  I planted a bunch of bulbs in my garden last year. They didn’t do much. This year I already have a bunch of flowers. A friend of mine used to own some vineyards. He told me that this year’s grapes grow on last year’s vines. This year’s new vines won’t produce any fruit. […]


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Receiving  Q: Where does good come from? A: Other people! Q: Where does kindness, contribution, and support come from? A: Other people! Q: Where does money come from? A: Other people! So, if we have any head trash about receiving (most people do), then we are going to have some problems, deficiencies, and many opportunities […]

On My Own

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On My Own  Imagine a toddler trying to walk across some uneven ground. He or she is sure to fall. Then imagine that same toddler holding an adult’s hand and walking over that uneven ground. He or she can do it now with this assist. We often think that we are on our own and […]

Trusting that people will do what they need to do

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Trusting that people will do what they need to do  Life is so much easier when we trust rather than worry, fret, and catastrophize. In the last few days I have been reaching out to people to promote my upcoming Breakthrough to Unprecedented Results program. Several previous coaching clients have responded with an apology for […]

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