Divisiveness and Unity

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Divisiveness and Unity

Yesterday I sat in on part of the Talakag municipal council meeting. They were discussing a boundary dispute with the neighboring municipality, Kalilangan. However, they were speaking Cebuano, so I had no idea what they were saying. But I could observe.
One woman presented some information. She seemed friendly, at ease, and factual. The guy who spoke after her was the opposite. He seemed intense, angry, and aggressive. He even turned around and often spoke towards the woman rather than facing the front and speaking to the chairman of the council. I was sitting behind her, so I was in a good position to see his face. It was not a friendly or happy face.
The council man who spoke next spoke in a mixture of English and Cebuano. He basically said that we seem to be forgetting that we are all on the same team. He was making a call for unity rather than division (I refrained from standing up and clapping).
If we spent half the time we spend looking for reasons to divide on looking for reasons to unite, our world would be a very different place.
Inclusion and love feel about 1 million times better than exclusion, division, and hate. They also tend to be a heck of a lot more productive.
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