Trained in condemnation

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photo credit: meophamman <a href=""></a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>Trained in Condemnation

The world had trained us to condemn (ourselves and others).
Kids hear things like, “you are a bad boy or girl.” Schools emphasize what we got wrong. We have heard and said “bad” and “wrong” so many times. Consequently, we have learned to think in terms of good and bad and right and wrong. We have been trained to condemn.
Those are identity statements – I am. I am bad. I am wrong. Or, you are bad. You are wrong. He is bad. She is wrong. We are saying that bad and wrong is that person’s nature. We are speaking condemnation.
Whether we are saying this about ourselves or someone else, it brings us down. It decreases our vitality and confidence. It crushes happiness. It makes our brains work less effectively.
The antidote to this is remembering the truth about our identity. We are good. We are loved. We are okay. And then sometimes we have behaviors that do not work, that are not consistent with the person we want to be or the results that we want to create. We are still okay; the behavior simply does not work.

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