Resolutions, Commitment, and New Beginnings

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Resolutions, Commitment, and New Beginnings  It is January 1st. Change is in the air. People are optimistic about new beginnings and different ways of doing life. Commitments have been made. And . . . the optimism and the change won’t last unless they are accompanied by some deeper work. Our behaviors are driven by our […]

Lies create compulsive behaviors

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Lies create compulsive behaviors  Often when we fall under the influence of a lie we then experience a compulsion to behave a certain way. And whenever we are compulsed, we don’t have the freedom to act in our best interest. Here are a few examples: “I owe them” can have us stay in a job […]

Personal growth trap ~ it is not about the information

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Personal growth trap ~ it is not about the information  Information does not change people. Applied information does change people. This is a trap that shows up often in personal growth. People get information but then they don’t apply it and nothing changes except that they get more frustrated and resigned. There are so many […]

Win the Day

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Win the Day  Big goals typically are not achieved in a day. I cannot lose 40lbs today. I cannot go from out of shape to marathon ready in a day. I’m probably not going to double my income today. We cannot climb a mountain by taking one big step. However, we can climb that same […]

To get out of a rut

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To get out of a rut  We are all going to get into a rut now and then – it is part of being human. However, we certainly don’t have to stay there. All it takes is one action to either get us out of the rut or to start the process of getting out […]

Peace on earth

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Peace on earth  Peace on earth, goodwill to men ~ a Christmas phrase ~ and my wish to you all! Our world could use a lot more of both. p.s. 2017 Daily Dose of Jonathan Calendar available now Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and […]

The Illusion of the Balanced Life

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The Illusion of the Balanced Life  People cause themselves all kinds of stress because they compare themselves to an illusionary standard – the illusion that there is such a thing as a perfectly balanced life. There’s no such thing! Life is a dynamic thing with many moving parts. And at any given time, many of […]

Reading is not enough

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Reading is not enough  When I ask people if they have a daily personal growth program, I often hear that they read or listen to audios every day. While these things are great to do, we need more. We need to take that information and then turn it into introspection. We need to see whether […]

Happy or Right?

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Happy or Right?  Would you rather be happy or be right? We always answer that we’d rather be happy but so often our behaviors say otherwise. I was reminded today of that saying and got to watch my own drive to be right make my day more stressful than it needed to be. Apparently I […]

Deep Honesty

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Deep Honesty  The law of attraction ~ what you give your energy, focus, and attention to is what you get whether it is what you want or what you do not want. There are two levels on which the law of attraction plays out – consciously intentionally and non-conscious unintentionally. Consciously intentionally is choosing what […]

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