Forgiving Ourselves

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Forgiving Ourselves Nobody wakes up in the morning and sets out to sabotage themselves, make mistakes, or make poor decisions. But all those things are part of being human. They happen whether we like it or not. So making peace with this is very important. Even more important is having the grace to forgive ourselves. […]

Recognizing Progress

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Recognizing Progress 2 years ago I wrote a Daily Dose about my fishing trip to Alaska. I talked about how I was frustrated because I had so many salmon on but couldn’t land any of them. Meanwhile other people around me were landing fish after fish. However, there were also people who were frustrated by […]

Me Me Me is not the sound of happiness

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Me Me Me is not the sound of happiness There’s a lot of me me me going on in our world. If we pay attention, one thing we will notice for sure is that no one in me me me mode is experiencing happiness. When me me me is present, virtue is not. Kindness is […]

When to not trust our thinking

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When to not trust our thinking When a kid gets crabby, irritable, or acts like a monster, we know that he or she is tired and needs a nap. However, we don’t manage to draw those same conclusions with ourselves. When we get tired – whether that is physically, mentally, or emotionally – our thoughts […]

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