Amnesia and Enthusiasm

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Amnesia and Enthusiasm For the most part, what is needed is more amnesia about the past and more enthusiasm about the future. Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people live better lives. So, if you know someone who would benefit from […]

But others will feel bad

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But others will feel bad “It is not okay for me to do well, get what I want, be happy, have a great relationship, have a thriving business, get skinny, etc. because then someone else (or someone in specific) will feel bad by comparison.” This little piece of head trash is very common and very […]

Background Thought

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Background Thought I talked recently with a client. His background predominant thought is – “this is not working.” Another client had, “I’m a screw up.” Many clients have had, “This business is hard.” Many clients have had, “I’m not okay because of this childhood thing.” And on and on. When our predominant background thought is […]

Parrot Coaching

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Parrot Coaching If I got a parrot and taught it to say, “Based on these results, what must you believe?”, the parrot would be able to do part of my job for me. Our behaviors (no matter how strange) and our results (no matter how disappointing) always make perfectly good sense when we understand the […]

Unfortunately Amazing

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Unfortunately Amazing It is amazing how quick we are to get down on ourselves. What a ridiculous habit we have learned! We are human – we will make mistakes, not notice things, and drop the ball. But none of those things should diminish our self-worth as a human being. What if we learned instead to […]

Crocodile Water aka how our brains work

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Crocodile Water aka how our brains work Imagine that you live in the jungle and you have to walk to the river every day to fetch water. There is a well-worn path to the watering hole. However, the water there isn’t the clearest or the freshest. Even worse, there is a crocodile that lives there […]

Sooner or later you have to actually go out for a run

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Sooner or later you have to actually go out for a run I can do all kinds of research on running – best shoes, best training strategies, biographies of great runners, pre and post run nutrition . . . And none of this is an adequate substitute for actually lacing up my shoes and going for […]

Sprinklers and Insurance

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Sprinklers and Insurance Sprinklers and insurance – how do those two go together? A friend of a friend is an insurance guy. He also really enjoys doing lawn sprinkler work. It is like a paid hobby for him. And, the sprinkler work generates a lot of insurance business for him. So why am I sharing […]

Bitter to Bittersweet

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Bitter to Bittersweet As I mentioned in the last Dose, my daughter’s pet rabbit died. This experience has been a great reminder for me and a great teaching opportunity for my daughter that we ALWAYS get to choose the direction of our thoughts. If she thinks about, “why did this happen?” and thoughts of that […]

Why does it hurt so bad?

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Why does it hurt so bad? Chuck Finley (my daughter’s pet rabbit) died earlier tonight. She’s devastated and hurting. At one point she asked, “Why does it hurt so bad dad?” What she is experiencing is the downside to opening our hearts, being vulnerable, and loving someone (or Chuck the rabbit). It can hurt at […]

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