Lies create compulsive behaviors

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Lies create compulsive behaviors 
Often when we fall under the influence of a lie we then experience a compulsion to behave a certain way. And whenever we are compulsed, we don’t have the freedom to act in our best interest.
Here are a few examples:
“I owe them” can have us stay in a job that is no longer a fit or be in relationships where we continually get taken advantage of.
“I’m going to miss out” can have us greedily grab something we don’t need – food, an experience, a purchase.
“It is selfish to take care of myself” can have us be unable to act in our own best interest, sacrifice ourselves, and play the martyr role.
“I’m not worthy” can have us compulsively discount or undervalue what we have to offer.
“I’m not enough” can have us compulsively chase after the approval of others.
As long as the lie is there, we are compulsed to behave in certain ways. Once we get rid of the lie, we have the freedom to choose how we want to behave.

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