Quit Trying To Change Behaviors

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Stories are deeper than behaviors. Stories drive behaviors.

So when we try and change our behaviors without first upgrading the stories that drive them, all we can use is will-power, effort, and force – none of which are sustainable – all of which leave us feeling wrung out, worn out, and frustrated because the behavior has not changed.

As long as food equals love and emotional nourishment, sustained healthy eating will be an impossibility!

As long as the “there’s not enough time” story is running, no amount of time management tools and strategies and attempted behavior modifications will make any sustained difference.

As long as “I’m doomed to failure anyway” is running, there’s really no need for urgency, intensity, or even taking action at all. I mean – Why bother?

As long as sales are scary, I’ll do whatever I can to avoid selling.

As long as ________ is not fun, I’ll avoid it as long as possible and do it as infrequently as possible.

Before we worry about changing the behavior, we need to change the story that drives the behavior! The behaviors are a perfectly natural response to the stories.

A lot of times changing the story is enough to automatically change the behavior. And then other times after we change the story, there’s still some work to be done about changing the behavior.

The habit is to focus on changing the behavior. I invite you to go deeper and change the story.

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