If you don’t celebrate, how is it supposed to be fun?

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If you don’t celebrate, how is it supposed to be fun? We went bowling the other night. My daughter was rolling her ball down the lane and then walking back to the seats without any reaction to what her ball had done. I asked her, “If you don’t celebrate, how are you going to have […]

Stern Serious and Playful Serious

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Stern Serious and Playful Serious That word “serious” tends to come with a lot of baggage. We don’t want to be too serious and no fun. We don’t want to be around people who are too serious. But we also want to be serious about growing our businesses or getting into shape – and things […]

Not Having Fun

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Not Having Fun When we notice that we aren’t having fun, we have 3 options. Option 1 is to soldier on and keep doing it anyway. What this option fails to take into account is the consequences of lowering our energy, aliveness, and enthusiasm. When this happens, life becomes so much harder. Productivity and effectiveness […]

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