Our identity is a conversation

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Our identity is a conversation We create all kinds of limiting identities without even knowing it. We have stuff like: I’m the kind of person who struggles with money. I’m the kind of person who has limited success. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t get what he wants. I’m the kind of person who […]

Is It Possible?

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Is It Possible? Often times when we find ourselves resisting positive behavior change, the “it is not possible” story is in play. If it isn’t possible to slim down, why would I bother to eat healthy or exercise? If it isn’t possible to grow my business, why would I put in the effort? If it […]


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Memories Anne and I attended Sweet & Lucky earlier tonight (Denver Center for the Performing Arts largest immersive show to date). The performance’s theme is memory and memories. From the playbill, “Our memories shape who we are. There are moments that we want to remember forever, and those we cannot seem to forget. As we […]

Top 3 qualities of an Entrepreneur

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Top 3 qualities of an Entrepreneur I was interviewed on a podcast recently and was asked, “what are the top 3 qualities that an entrepreneur should have?” Here’s my top 3: Passion ~ so that while we are making a living we are also making a life. Tenacity ~ of course we are going to […]

Conversation strategy

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Conversation strategy I’m okay. You are okay. Now let’s have a relaxed conversation. So many things would go so much smoother if we approached them this way. Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people live better lives. So, if you know […]

Lag Time

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Lag Time How many dreams have withered and died due to lack of prompt action? We have an insight or a moment of inspiration and then very soon (if not immediately) we have an opportunity to take action on it. Now whether we take action on it or not . . . That’s the key. […]

Work the Plan

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Work the Plan Work the plan or work the system is common advice. Work this exercise and diet plan and you will slim down. Work this system and you will grow your business. And sure enough, there are many people who have worked it and got the desired results. However, there are usually far more […]

Mistakes and Forgiveness

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Mistakes and Forgiveness We’ve all made mistakes and poor decisions. We have all had things that didn’t go as planned. And chances are very good that when these things happened, we didn’t wake up that morning and ask ourselves, “How can I really screw up today and the rest of my life? How can I […]

Flower Gardens and Personal Growth

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Flower Gardens and Personal Growth   I was looking at my flower gardens this morning and comparing the 4 different flower beds. One is new this year. Two are three years old. One is older. They are all planted with perennials. The new garden looks good. The plants are small with plenty of space between […]

Relaxed Conversations

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Relaxed Conversations I spoke at the Financially Fit Females meeting tonight. I didn’t speak at them, I had a relaxed conversation with them that created a tremendous amount of value (based on the feedback, not my ego). Reflecting on this afterwards, I concluded that the vast majority of situations we find ourselves in will go […]

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