Resignation and small dreams

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Resignation and small dreams  Over time, many (if not most) people start to dream smaller. They have lived some years, tried some things, had some hopes and dreams, and enthusiastic starts – but, they have not had that breakthrough, they haven’t hit that home run, they haven’t created that success they hoped for. And consequently, […]

The root cause of all upsets

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The root cause of all upsets  Every time that we get upset, get mad, or get our feelings hurt, it ultimately comes from believing that we are not enough. The triggering event reminds us that we do not believe that we are enough and then we get upset – with someone or something rather than […]

Resistance equals opportunity

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Resistance equals opportunity  In physical training, it is the resistance that makes our muscles stronger. In personal growth training, our resistance shows us where we have work to do. Then we do the work by a combination of 1) pushing through the resistance and doing it anyway and 2) doing the letting go work to […]

Can you weather the storm?

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Can you weather the storm? I was asked today, “How do you get over a failed business?” I was also recently asked, “How do you get over a shattered life?” Life is going to bring us all kinds of storms ~ rejection, setbacks, illnesses, unexpected developments, bad luck, failed relationships, failed business endeavors, plans that […]

Value of one push up

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Value of one push up One push up. Does it really matter? By itself, one pushup is insignificant. It isn’t going to change our bodies. But we cannot have a lot of pushups without a bunch of individual insignificant pushups. So, maybe one pushup isn’t so insignificant after all. Each one matters. Each one we […]

Flower Gardens and Personal Growth

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Flower Gardens and Personal Growth   I was looking at my flower gardens this morning and comparing the 4 different flower beds. One is new this year. Two are three years old. One is older. They are all planted with perennials. The new garden looks good. The plants are small with plenty of space between […]

Hopeless and helpless

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Hopeless and helpless If we have a situation in our lives that we have been unable to change or even to make progress on over quite some time, there’s a very good chance that we have developed some beliefs that the situation is hopeless and that we are helpless to do anything about it. Check […]

Layers of the Onion

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Layers of the Onion When we peel off a layer of an onion, there is still onion there. However, the onion is smaller. This is what often happens in personal growth. We do some work on an issue and then later that issue is in our faces again. But if we look closely, we can […]

How do I overcome what my brain sees as normal, a set point?

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How do I overcome what my brain sees as normal, a set point? I was asked this question today and here are a couple of thoughts: It’s useful to view ourselves as sculptors. They take thousands of hammer swings as they chip away and the work of art emerges. Every swing moves the project forward. […]

What are you attracting?

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We are either attracting the people and circumstances that support our limiting beliefs to come true or that support our dreams to come true. Usually the difference between these two is personal growth, letting go of limitations, and expanding what is possible. Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my […]

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