Resignation and small dreams

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Resignation and small dreams 
Over time, many (if not most) people start to dream smaller. They have lived some years, tried some things, had some hopes and dreams, and enthusiastic starts – but, they have not had that breakthrough, they haven’t hit that home run, they haven’t created that success they hoped for. And consequently, resignation starts to set in. They start to dream smaller. And, they often figure that this is as good as it gets.
If this is not you – congratulations! If this is you, you have a choice: hit the reset button or embrace “this is as good as it gets.
We are not meant to dream small or live small.
Hitting the reset button is most likely going to require a heavy dose of personal growth work to let go of tired old beliefs and other lousy limitations.
Two key areas are: worthiness and letting go of the “how”.
Are you worthy of goodness? Are you worthy of the best life has to offer? Are you worthy of daily miracles?
Then you’ve got to tell your inner control freak to “chill out” and start trusting more. You cannot possibly know the “how” for big dreams so stop trying. Remember: What you want is your job. How that happens is God’s job. (So many people get stopped by the “how”). Then your job is to get into action with small steps and keep giving prayers, energy, love, and positive thinking to your big dreams.
It is time to dream big again. Studies show that at end of life what people regret most is the things they didn’t do. So, dream big now rather than finishing with regret.
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