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So often people are sitting around waiting for favor (from God or the universe) before they really start living their lives. If that’s you, here’s the thing ~ you already have favor! You just forgot. Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people […]

The toxicity choice

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I heard this today, “I don’t need to be defined by the toxicity in my life.” What a great reminder. There are going to be toxic people and toxic situations in our lives. However we always have the choice about how we respond to them and how we are impacted by them. Much Love,  Jonathan I […]

3 Awesome Questions

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I had coffee with a guy last week. He asked me 3 awesome questions. 1. Who do you know that I should know? 2. What books have you read that I should read? 3. What experiences have you had that I should have? I had answers for his questions. In a couple of minutes he […]

Superior Strategy

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If something is worth beating yourself up for not doing – then it must be worth celebrating for doing. So, isn’t it strange that we do the former but not the latter? How about if we switch that around and quit the beating up part and instead get good at the celebrating part. That seems like […]

I double dog dare you to answer this question

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So often the questions we ask ourselves orient us in the 180 degree wrong direction. We ask ourselves questions like: “How come no one wants to do business with me?” This question is almost certain to lead us to a distorted perspective that has us feel lousy about ourselves and doesn’t offer any real solutions. […]

3 Types of Self-Talk

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Negative self-talk – damaging – I cannot do this! Positive self-talk – useful – I can do this! Possibility self-talk – even more useful – What if I can do this! We know that negative self-talk makes us physically weaker, less creative, less resilient, less magnetic to our good, less likely to be in action, […]

3 green lights needed

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1) Is it safe to move forward? YES! There is no failure – just feedback. “Not safe” is just a crappy story. 2) Am I ready? YES! ~ Not because you already have all your ducks in a row (you don’t), know everything you need to know (not a chance), and are prepared for every […]

Not Supported

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People often have a disempowering story about not being supported. So imagine this: you’ve just finished telling your story about how you are not being supported and then you turn to your left and see God sitting there. – Awkward!!!! If we do indeed live in a friendly universe, then we are always being supported. […]

Essential To Be Refreshed

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I often hear people say that they feel guilty if they take any downtime or that they don’t give themselves permission to have downtime, to relax, or to play. There is time for relaxation, play, and fun (and a time for hard work)! Otherwise, what’s the point? Whenever we say something like this, it is […]

People Like Me

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We often have some head trash that goes something like ~ People like me don’t get rich. People like me don’t drive luxury automobiles. People like me don’t sell. People like me don’t get ahead. People like me don’t succeed in this business. Etc etc etc . . . We use this “people like me” […]

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