Resistance or Relief

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Overwhelm almost always has us shut down. The secret to dealing with overwhelm is to break things down into smaller pieces. When you come up with an action step that produces a feeling of relief rather than resistance, you know you have broken it down far enough. It does not matter how small that piece […]

Go Play! – Happy Labor Day!

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Remember ~ There is nothing to prove! You are already enough! Now go play! Enjoy your life!!!   Much love,   Jonathan Know someone else who would enjoy a daily dose? Here is the subscription link     The Law of Attraction Made Simple ~ over 100 5-star reviews Awesome LOA Book

Couples Money or a Colonoscopy

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Couples Money or a Colonoscopy I got together with my friends, Chris and Marlow Felton, today. They wrote an amazing book, Couples Money. We got to talking about how important it is for couples to be on the same page about money (80% plus of all divorces have a money component to them). But this […]

Letting Go and Moving On

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Letting Go and Moving On It is impossible to be truly happy when we are holding on to hurts, grudges, slights, misunderstandings, wronging, injustices, and the like. The important thing to remember is that letting go is something we do for ourselves, for our own happiness, and our own freedom. It doesn’t have anything to […]

A Penny’s Worth Of Progress

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A Penny’s Worth Of Progress I spoke at a retreat a few weeks ago. One of my points of emphasis was celebrating progress and celebrating what we did get done rather than belittling ourselves for what we did not get done. Afterwards, I received an email from Lisa S who came up with a simply […]

Warning Do Not Use Without Adult Supervision

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Warning Do Not Use Without Adult Supervision Here’s the problem, we have been using the label gun without proper wise adult supervision. Consequently, we have stuck all kinds of ridiculous labels on ourselves and even worse – believed that they are true. Here’s just a few of these ridiculous labels I’ve recently encountered: I am […]

Are You Refueling Or Running On Empty? Tues -7/29

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Are You Refueling Or Running On Empty? Most people are not very good at acknowledging (much less celebrating) progress. When we fail to do this, we deprive ourselves of fuel – excitement, enthusiasm, self-confidence, feelings of well-being, happiness. When we lack fuel, we feel tired and burned out. Inspired action and a positive attitude become […]

Free Fish Society ~ are you a member?

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Free Fish Society ~ are you a member?     Imagine that you are a fish and that you are swimming along when suddenly right in front of you is a big juicy worm. What do you do next? That worm sure looks deliciously tempting. It is a tasty looking invitation to take a bite. […]

Campfire of Passion and Purpose

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Campfire of Passion and Purpose There’s an illusion that once you find your passion – purpose – big why, it will hold on to you, take over, and never let go. It doesn’t work that way. If you want your campfire to keep burning, you have to keep adding wood to the fire. If you […]

Redefining Leadership

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Redefining Leadership Old school leadership says that good leaders have all the answers. Wow, what an impossible position. Let’s redefine what it means to be a good leader. What if we can let go of needing to have all the answers already and can instead ask the best questions to elicit the answer(s)! What if […]

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