Meaning vs Victim

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Meaning vs Victim  In his famous book, Man’s Search For Meaning, Viktor Frankl talks about how vital it is for our lives to have meaning. Without meaning or purpose we don’t have anything to life for. My mom is skinny, walks every day, and eats healthy – and, she had a stroke last week. Now […]

Loosing myself in order to ascend

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Loosing myself in order to ascend  A common piece of counter-intent is that in order to take things to the next level, I’m going to have to either give up something that is important or that I have to give up being myself. Faced with this either/or choice, people choose to stay true to those […]

After the fact

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After the fact  When we have that realization after the fact: I didn’t do what I wanted to in that situation I made a mistake I did that thing again There’s a better way to handle that Etc. What do we do next? Do we beat up on ourselves, or do we let it go? […]

Crocodile Water aka how our brains work

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Crocodile Water aka how our brains work Imagine that you live in the jungle and you have to walk to the river every day to fetch water. There is a well-worn path to the watering hole. However, the water there isn’t the clearest or the freshest. Even worse, there is a crocodile that lives there […]

It isn’t about choosing between hard and easy

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It isn’t about choosing between hard and easy Because people typically look at things from a very short term view point, they often think that the choice is between hard and easy. And then, people are inclined to choose easy. But when we expand that view point, we see that the choice is between hard […]

Speed Bumps

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Speed Bumps We will hit some speed bumps in life (things not going the way we wanted them to, unforeseen complications etc.). Sure, we want to hit as few of them as possible and – it is inevitable that we will hit some. What matters most is what we do after we hit the speed […]


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Inconvenience So many people have a story about not wanting to inconvenience another person. This causes them to be reluctant to ask for help, reluctant to ask for the sale, reluctant to make their phone calls, reluctant to follow up, reluctant to ask for referrals, reluctant to ask for what they want . . . […]

The toxicity choice

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I heard this today, “I don’t need to be defined by the toxicity in my life.” What a great reminder. There are going to be toxic people and toxic situations in our lives. However we always have the choice about how we respond to them and how we are impacted by them. Much Love,  Jonathan I […]

The Other Side of the Coin

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You often hear people talk about ~ only do what you love. And, there’s a lot of wisdom to that. When we do what we love, our energy, excitement, enthusiasm, and desire to be in action are all up. This makes us far more magnetic to our good. However, there is also the other side […]

You Can Lead A Horse To Water . . .

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I end up talking to clients about this all the time ~ it is impossible to be responsible for another person’s happiness, success, feelings, etc. These are things that we cannot possibly control. Any and every time that we try to be responsible for another person will inevitably end up in suffering. However, there are […]

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