Hanging out with goodness

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Hanging out with goodness  Imagine that goodness is a person. Do you live your life in a way that goodness would want to hang out with you? Imagine that I invite you to come over and that when you get here, you discovered that my house is nasty, dirty, smelly, and cluttered. Would you stay […]

Benefit of the doubt

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Benefit of the doubt  What would happen if we gave people the benefit of the doubt more often? Do you walk around purposely offending people or disrespecting people? Do you intentionally cut off other drivers? Do you intentionally hurt people’s feelings or try to make them mad? Hopefully your answer to these questions is an […]


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Unoffendable  What would it take for you to be unoffendable? What impact would that have on your life? On your relationships? On your happiness? On your finances?  Much Love, Jonathan Help me out please ~ if this Daily Dose spoke to you, forward it to someone who would benefit from this message. Even better, invite […]


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Retaliation  This morning I was sitting in my car, finishing up a phone call. A woman pulled into the space next to me and since I had backed into the parking space, we were driver’s side door to driver’s side door. She opened her door and it hit my car. She then got out of […]

Curiosity and fear

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Curiosity and fear   Curiosity can be a great antidote for fear. Next time you are experiencing fear, start getting curious instead: What if it can be different? I wonder who my new client will be? I wonder how this is going to all work out? Etc. Fear is a very low state of consciousness. […]

Asking the wrong questions

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Asking the wrong questions  So often, we are simply asking ourselves the wrong questions. We ask, “What if it doesn’t work?” – instead of asking, “What if it does work?” The difference between those 2 questions is night and day. One inspires, invites action, creates energy, and expands possibility. The other shuts us down, creates […]

Happy or Right?

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Happy or Right?  Would you rather be happy or be right? We always answer that we’d rather be happy but so often our behaviors say otherwise. I was reminded today of that saying and got to watch my own drive to be right make my day more stressful than it needed to be. Apparently I […]

The Other Shoe Meets Rube Goldberg

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The Other Shoe Meets Rube Goldberg There’s a common bit of head trash about waiting for the other shoe to fall (expecting that something bad will happen). If you happen to suffer from this bit of head trash, here are two ways that you can twist it to your benefit. What if the other shoe […]

Transformation vs incremental change

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Transformation vs incremental change  In your mind, is it possible to experience transformation, a quantum leap? Or does change need to happen in small incremental steps? This is a very important question. If we think that we are in control and that we are in charge of how positive change happens, then small incremental steps […]

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Either / Or Thinking I’ve run into either/or thinking quite a bit lately. Either I can have this or that but certainly not both. For example: I can build my business or have a great marriage and family life. Who says that you cannot have both? Whoever it is, they are lying. But this possibility […]


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