Shiny, bright, and radiant

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Shiny, bright, and radiant  Close your eyes and see your habitual picture of yourself. How do you habitually see yourself? Are you: bright, shiny, and radiant or are you dull and dark? standing tall or hunched over? full of energy and enthusiasm or tired? smiling or solemn? powerful or weak? peaceful or frazzled? capable or […]

Identity Issues

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Identity Issues  It is impossible to do better than we think we are. We cannot out-perform our identity. But, our identity is not the truth about who we are. It is more just a compilation of habits – habits of how we perceive ourselves, and habits of how we act, think, and feel. And, habits […]


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Ambassador  An ambassador represents his or her country where ever they go, whatever they do. Consequently, they are expected to be on their best behavior. Who or what are you an ambassador for? Much Love, Jonathan Help me out please ~ if this Daily Dose spoke to you, forward it to someone who would benefit […]

Rise up or give up (part 2 of bungee cords and ladders)

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Rise up or give up (part 2 of bungee cords and ladders)  Yesterday’s Dose talked about how limiting beliefs, poor self-image, and other head trash act like bungee cords attached to our waist as we try and climb the ladder of success. As we try and climb, we keep getting pulled back down off the […]

Taking ourselves for granted

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Taking ourselves for granted  Does anyone enjoy being taken for granted? Of course not! So, why do we take ourselves for granted so often? What would happen if we started appreciating ourselves more? What would happen if we started to give ourselves credit for the things we have gotten done instead of discounting them and […]

Okay to be human

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Okay to be human  Human beings make mistakes. Humans are less than perfect. This is a part of being alive. However, many people have stories that it is not okay to make a mistake, or not safe to make a mistake, or that they need to be perfect. This puts people in an impossible position […]

No one is bad and wrong

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No one is bad and wrong  I recently worked with a person who had been told by many people (both professionals and non-professionals) that he is bad and wrong. He had a couple of negative labels “gifted” to him – you are an “X” and a “Y”. What do you think this did for his […]

The straight path, the winding path

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The straight path, the winding path  This morning I had an appointment in an area of town that I was not familiar with so I used my GPS to get me there. I left it on for the drive home. The whole drive home, the GPS kept doing its job trying to get me back […]

Excited Disappointed Bored

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Excited Disappointed Bored Reluctance to get excited ~ A condition that occurs because we have had experiences of being really excited about something. Then it doesn’t happen and we end up being horribly disappointed. Then we decide that it is too risky to get excited again. If we don’t look at this too closely, it […]

It really is about me

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It really is about me People often get tripped up around the idea that it is not okay to have it be about me. This can prevent people from asking for help, receiving assistance, and going for it. And this is a bunch of garbage. It is okay to be about me. In fact, it […]

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