Who are you listening to?

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Who are you listening to?  You have probably seen the cartoon image where there’s a tiny angel sitting on one shoulder and a tiny devil sitting on the other – whispering conflicting advice. A more accurate image (for most people) would be the devil on one shoulder, dressed nice (not at all looking like a […]

Goal achieving does not equal arriving

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Goal achieving does not equal arriving  A mistake people make is to visualize to their goals rather than through their goals. Because after we hit a goal, there is still life to live. I haven’t “arrived” once I hit that goal. Let’s use the example of running a marathon. Absolutely I should celebrate crossing the […]

How many times?

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How many times?  Q: How many times do we need to let go of something? A: As many as it takes – unless we would prefer to suffer and to stay stuck. It is like the boxer who was asked about his secret to success ~ “I always got up one more time after I […]

Self-Care ~ luxury or necessity

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Self-Care ~ luxury or necessity  So often when people get busy or stressed, the first thing they drop is self-care. This is a mistake. When they do this, they are looking at the cost (time) rather than the benefits. Self-care (exercise, prayer, meditation, personal growth time, relaxation, social connection, etc.) can produce stress relief, stronger […]

Kind of open for business

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Kind of open for business  I helped a chiropractor grow his business by 40% in less than a month. His head trash was the equivalent of having a sign on his front door that said, “kind of open for business”. So, people kind of came for treatment or they kind of didn’t. He was putting […]

Reading is not enough

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Reading is not enough  When I ask people if they have a daily personal growth program, I often hear that they read or listen to audios every day. While these things are great to do, we need more. We need to take that information and then turn it into introspection. We need to see whether […]

Two Legs

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Two Legs  Walking works much better than hopping as a strategy for getting from point A to point B. Using two legs works better than using one leg. Success requires both psychology and tactics. Let’s call these the two legs of success. We need both. The people who are too busy doing things to spend […]

Want and willingness

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Want and willingness  Want without willingness is – pointless, a pipe dream, a way to be frustrated and disappointed. And, wanting without being willing to do the work is a common issue. I want to be in good physical shape but I’m not willing to do the work. I want to make more money/ grow […]

Gateway to success

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Gateway to success We can only be as successful as our thoughts and beliefs will allow. Good thing we can upgrade our thoughts and beliefs. Much Love,  Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people live better lives. So, if you know someone who […]

Life Described by Legos

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Life Described by Legos Imagine that you are building a huge structure out of Legos and that you need to add another Lego piece every minute. Now imagine that every so often you hit a funk and get into an “I don’t feel like it” mode. In these times, you just add a random Lego […]

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