Aim to be a zero

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Aim to be a zero 
In his book, An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth, Col. Chris Hadfield talks about how you can be a minus one, zero, or plus one in any situation. A minus one creates problems. A zero has neutral impact. A plus one actively adds value.
Ego will have us trying to be a plus one all the time. Wisdom will help us avoid ever being a minus one and to know when it is appropriate to be a zero and when it is the right time to be a plus one.
Hadfield says that a zero doesn’t tip the balance one way or the other and therefore has neutral impact. I disagree. Being a zero can and does tip the balance in a favorable way. Being a zero has us look for ways to contribute and support without creating a distraction or a disruption. It has us be in service.
Hadfield says, “One benefit of being a zero: it’s an attainable goal. Plus, it’s often a good way to get to plus one.”
So often people aim to be a plus one and then if they don’t succeed at that, they become a minus one. Being a zero is a great alternative to that.
p.s. loved his book!!!
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