Won’t do vs. can do

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Won’t do vs. can do  So often it comes down to – what are we focusing on. Are we focusing on the things that we won’t do, and stressing about them, feeling guilty about them, beating ourselves up about them? Or are we focusing on what we can do and then doing that? Actually doing […]

Super frustrating

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Super frustrating  I’m not sure if there is anything more frustrating than doing what seems to be all the right things but not getting the results that you should be getting or that others are getting. This can just about drive a person crazy. But there is more to this than just what we are […]

Blaming the thermometer

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Blaming the thermometer If the thermometer tells us that we have a fever, do we think that it is the thermometer that is causing our problems or is the thermometer simply an indicator that something is going on? Our “defective” behaviors are not the cause of our problems. They are an indicator that something is […]

Breathing is a good idea

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Breathing is a good idea My daughter and I spent about 4 hours today at The Epic Sky Trek Challenge, an aerial trekking course with over 110 challenging elements. Early on as I was navigating a couple of the elements, I noticed that I wasn’t breathing. As soon as I started breathing deeper, I relaxed. […]

Our identity is a conversation

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Our identity is a conversation We create all kinds of limiting identities without even knowing it. We have stuff like: I’m the kind of person who struggles with money. I’m the kind of person who has limited success. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t get what he wants. I’m the kind of person who […]

Talking in or talking out?

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Talking in or talking out?   Are you talking yourself into something or are you talking yourself out of something? I can do this. ~ This is too hard. I love making calls. ~ They probably don’t want to hear from me. Healthy eating makes me feel so good. ~ Salad sucks. Bring it on. […]

Pavlov and my dog

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Pavlov and my dog When Max the dog was a puppy, we had a big snow storm. Max and I went into the back yard and wrestled like crazy. 10 years later, Max is an old man dog now, but snow and Jonathan in the back yard still means – attack. He was bounding around […]

The Power of “Of Course”

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The Power of “Of Course” Talking to yourself using “of course” is a great way to upgrade your self-image and recondition your brain for greater success. Of course people want to work with me / join my business. Of course I can achieve that goal. Of course I do great work at am great at […]

A boy named Johnny

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A boy named Johnny When we try to understand people from a logical perspective, we often end up just scratching our heads in bewilderment. Emotion, non-conscious programming, and head trash are what typically guides behavior – not logic. Take the case of Johnny Manziel. (He’s an NFL quarterback, first round draft choice, Heisman trophy winner, […]

There is always an agenda being fulfilled.

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There is always an agenda being fulfilled. It is important to remember that there is always an agenda being fulfilled. Even when it seems like we are not getting what we want or that our lives are headed in the wrong direction, there is still an agenda that is being fulfilled. Oftentimes this other agenda […]

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