Genuine curiosity

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Genuine curiosity  I was part of a discussion today about how to stay top-of-mind with your clients and prospects. Then I had a flashback to a comic I saw a long time ago. The seasoned sales man was mentoring the new guy. He said, “the secret to sales is to be genuinely curious about your […]

Grateful in vs grateful for

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Grateful in vs grateful for We don’t need to be grateful for lousy circumstance. The trick is to stay grateful in the midst of all circumstance. Much Love, Jonathan Help me out please ~ if this Daily Dose spoke to you, forward it to someone who would benefit from this message. Even better, invite them […]

Sand castles and 18-ton boulders

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Sand castles and 18-ton boulders  When you are up to something with your life, you will experience disapproval (because you are breaking free from the masses). So then, the question becomes – How will you deal with that disapproval? Will you let it stop you or will you shed it like water off a duck’s […]

Kindergarten compassion or PhD compassion

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Kindergarten compassion or PhD compassion  It is relatively easy to have compassion when a natural disaster strikes or when a tragedy hits people that we don’t know. And hey, compassion is a great response to those sorts of things. And, that’s the kindergarten level of compassion. It is easy. But what about those situations where […]

Effort to Encourage

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Effort to Encourage  I had a discussion with some friends this morning about how often people are starving for a word of encouragement. This made me think of my favorite proverb: An encouraging word is like a honeycomb. It strengthens the body and sweetens the soul. It also made me think about – how willing […]

Life Trajectory

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Life Trajectory  If we want to change the trajectory of our lives, we are going to have to get uncomfortable. We get to choose between the comfortableness and familiarity of the status quo or the discomfort and unfamiliarity of better. Which do you choose – in theory and in reality? Do theory and reality match? […]

The Illusion of the Balanced Life

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The Illusion of the Balanced Life  People cause themselves all kinds of stress because they compare themselves to an illusionary standard – the illusion that there is such a thing as a perfectly balanced life. There’s no such thing! Life is a dynamic thing with many moving parts. And at any given time, many of […]

A moment of grace

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A moment of grace During some quiet time today, a picture of someone I don’t like popped into my head. Immediately after that a little voice said, “You know, God loves that person too.” Pow! I don’t have to now become best friends forever with this person. However, I also don’t have a valid excuse […]

Shoveling snow with a tablespoon

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Shoveling snow with a tablespoon The next time that it snows (hopefully next winter), I could shovel my driveway with a tablespoon. I’d sure be busy and have a lot of action going on. I could also use a snow shovel. I would not be as busy for as long compared to using the tablespoon. […]

Even Though . . .

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Even Though . . . Even though statements are a great tool to allow our brains to shift gears and to get ourselves out of a rut. Over the weekend I was experiencing some “friction” with someone. Every time I used an even though (Even though this is going on, I choose to be happy.), […]

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