Can we be trusted?

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Can we be trusted?  Integrity can be defined (Merriam Webster) as a firm adherence to a code of values, to be in an unimpaired condition, or a state of being complete or undivided. Without integrity, we don’t have much credibility. Without credibility, the world is not going to listen to our message. Would you drive […]


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Contribution  We are wired to contribute and make a difference. It is as natural as breathing. When we are not doing that, we suffer and typically our self-worth takes a hit. So, when we are feeling kind of puny, a great question to ask ourselves is, “Where can I make a difference?” Then go and […]

Darkness flashlight

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Darkness flashlight  Imagine a darkness flashlight that projects more darkness rather than light. The uses for this would be rather limited and most of the time it would just make things worse. However, this is what people do so often. We have the mistaken notion that sympathy, empathy, and compassion somehow require us to feel […]

Win or be the star

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Win or be the star  Would you rather win or be the star? Do you prefer the credit or the desired outcome? Ego, which is driven by our insecurities, is desperate for credit, recognition, and the spot light. This can often get in the way of the desired outcome. I’ve seen this many times on […]

Give Energy

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Give Energy  About half way through our ski day, I asked my daughter, “on a scale of 1 -10, 10 being the funnest ski day ever, how much fun are you having?” She said, “4.” That opened the door to have a conversation about giving energy. I told her that it was like I was […]

Professional Over-Accommodating

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Professional Over-Accommodating  When people don’t own their value, they tend to over accommodate. Imagine calling your doctor for an appointment and then the doc saying something like – you are on the north side of town right so there’s a coffee shop that is about half way between us. Why don’t we meet there? That’s […]

Insight into action

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Insight into action We can have insight all day long but if we don’t put it into action. . . The more volume of action we have, the more chances we have to hit home runs. Even the great creative geniuses were a volume play. Inventor, Thomas Edison, accumulated 2,332 patents worldwide for his inventions. […]

The Of Course Continuum

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The Of Course Continuum Be honest with yourself ~ on a scale that goes from 1 (not a chance) to 5 (wouldn’t that be nice) to 10 (of course), where are you with achieving your goals? Unfortunately, “of course” is the exception. Most people are in some degree of doubt. However, that can be changed. […]

Business and profitability are not sinful or evil

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Business and profitability are not sinful or evil How did we end up here that so many people think that making a profit is somehow bad? This puts us in a bind – well either I can be successful in my business or I can be a good person but not both. Here’s an excerpt […]

The Terrible Horrible Lie of Scarcity

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The Terrible Horrible Lie of Scarcity There is such a horrible lie of scarcity in our culture and in our world that does so much damage! The lie goes something like this: there’s only a limited amount so the more that I have, the less there is for others. This puts us into the bind […]

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