Resolutions, Commitment, and New Beginnings

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Resolutions, Commitment, and New Beginnings  It is January 1st. Change is in the air. People are optimistic about new beginnings and different ways of doing life. Commitments have been made. And . . . the optimism and the change won’t last unless they are accompanied by some deeper work. Our behaviors are driven by our […]

Lies create compulsive behaviors

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Lies create compulsive behaviors  Often when we fall under the influence of a lie we then experience a compulsion to behave a certain way. And whenever we are compulsed, we don’t have the freedom to act in our best interest. Here are a few examples: “I owe them” can have us stay in a job […]

Reading is not enough

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Reading is not enough  When I ask people if they have a daily personal growth program, I often hear that they read or listen to audios every day. While these things are great to do, we need more. We need to take that information and then turn it into introspection. We need to see whether […]

Let’s believe in Santa again

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Let’s believe in Santa again  If you were to ask me to join you in believing in Santa again, I would decline your offer. I would decline because I cannot see any benefit in believing that again. I know that no presents are going to magically appear under the tree. If I try to sit […]

Seeing & Believing

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Seeing & Believing I asked a client if he believed that he could be one of the big dogs in his profession? He said that he 80% believed that he could. I asked him what would it take for him to believe it 100%? He replied that he’d need to have the national exposure, reputation, […]

Gateway to success

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Gateway to success We can only be as successful as our thoughts and beliefs will allow. Good thing we can upgrade our thoughts and beliefs. Much Love,  Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people live better lives. So, if you know someone who […]

Business and profitability are not sinful or evil

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Business and profitability are not sinful or evil How did we end up here that so many people think that making a profit is somehow bad? This puts us in a bind – well either I can be successful in my business or I can be a good person but not both. Here’s an excerpt […]

Addicted to Struggle

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Addicted to Struggle So many people are addicted to struggle. We have buried stories that are often outside of our awareness. Stories like: It cannot be easy. It is pleasing to God when I struggle. Struggle is noble. I’m bad / need to be punished and so I deserve to struggle. Struggling will prove that […]

Monsignors Dewey Cheetem & Howe

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Monsignors Dewey Cheetem & Howe Let’s hop in our time machine and travel back to the middle ages where we will meet some very slick con men who disguised themselves as priests. These bad boys hit upon an awesome scam – let’s misquote the Bible and in so doing convince people of 3 things: 1) […]

Credo upgrade

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Credo upgrade Many people are living from a very uninspiring credo: I am a small fish. This shows up with repetitive thoughts like: Who am I to be successful? Who am I to be truly happy? Who am I to be a leader? Who am I to be wealthy? Who am I to excel? Who […]

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