What are we saying “yes” to?

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What are we saying “yes” to?  We are always saying “yes” to something. Yes to scarcity, yes to limitation, yes to frustration, etc. or yes to plenty, yes to potential and growth and change, yes to peace, etc. What are you consistently saying “yes” to? Much Love, Jonathan Help me out please ~ if this […]

An impossible position

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An impossible position  Whenever we try to be responsible for another person – their happiness, their success, their mood, their well-being – we are setting ourselves up to suffer. We are putting ourselves in an impossible position because we are not in charge of that other person’s brain. We don’t have the power to make […]

Breaking the sound barrier of success

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Breaking the sound barrier of success  The other day a client was talking about how every time that he’s gotten really busy in his business, he’s backed off with the thought that he needed to take a break. This made me think about the pilots who were trying to break the sound barrier. When they […]

Don’t indulge

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Don’t indulge  A client of mine recently told me that she hears my voice in her head saying, “don’t indulge” when she’s tempted to fall into self-pity. Self-pity, or any other form of feeling lousy, is an indulgence. We don’t ever “have to” feel that way. We choose to. And when we choose to indulge […]

Time to reevaluate

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Time to reevaluate   I have been writing the Daily Dose of Jonathan for years now. And, almost every Dose has been written on the day it was sent out. My story for doing it this way rather than having them queued up in advance is that it honors my freedom and spontaneity. However, it […]

How in the heck did pouting get started?

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How in the heck did pouting get started?  I’ve seen a lot of pouting lately, both adults and younger people. And all of these recent sightings have been at events that are fun. This got me to thinking about how weird and crazy us humans are sometimes. I know that I have never pouted myself […]

Declining the option to win the day

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Declining the option to win the day  Imagine that the football team has 4th and goal from the 1 yard line with 5 seconds left and that they are losing by 4 points so they need a touchdown. Then imagine the football team just taking a knee and giving up without trying. Maybe they are […]

A bad idea

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A bad idea  Sales training teaches us that if we make a prospect feel stupid, they probably are not going to buy from us. We can do this by using jargon, big words, acronyms, by making things unnecessarily complicated, by acting superior . . . That seems like a good strategy to apply everywhere in […]

Emotional creatures

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Emotional creatures  We are emotional creatures, not logical creatures. Our emotions run the show. Last week was a weird food week. Nothing tasted good or was filling. I ate more and more often than usual. And, I ate less healthy than usual. My thoughts about getting back on track and my attempts to use will […]

What results do you get . . .

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What results do you get . . .  What results do I get for my clients, for my loved ones, for my friends, for the organizations I’m involved with . . . ? This is a great question to ask ourselves. Then the next question is: “Is this the results I want to be getting?” […]

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