Evidence That It Is Working

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We search for evidence that supports our beliefs and viewpoints all day long. And, we ignore inconvenient evidence that conflicts with our beliefs and viewpoints. Here’s a great example: I asked a client what was going well. She excitedly replied that she had gotten a new client earlier that day and that it was super […]

Sooner Or Later, You Have To Climb That Cliff

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Imagine that you are hiking up a mountain and that the path runs into a cliff that you need to climb. But, that cliff looks scary. So, you decide to take a little break, drink some water, and eat a granola bar. You walk back over to the cliff but it still looks scary. So, […]

We Can Do Better Than That

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There’s a group of people that I play doubles volleyball with. Partners are determined by the order in which people show up. So, we end up playing with different people all the time. Vlad and I have a history of playing really poorly together. We have been on the wrong end of quite a few […]

OK for others to contribute to me

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Say out loud, “It is okay for others to contribute to me.” Then rate how true that feels. For most people, this does not feel very true. Some people can hardly even say the words. We’ve got head trash about what it means to ask for help and about allowing others to contribute to us. We […]


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The seed of even the tallest tree first started in the dark and then grew to the light. You were darkness and now you are light. Let your light shine ~ ever so brightly! Much love, Jonathan Know someone else who would enjoy a daily dose? Here is the subscription link  bit.ly/1cwK52J     The […]

Mock Comfort vs Real Comfort

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When we retreat from things that make us uncomfortable and take the easy path or let ourselves off the hook, we experience mock comfort. Sure we don’t have to deal with whatever that thing is which creates temporary short term relief. But, we have to deal with something else instead, something that is quite a bit […]

Better When Better Now

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People often fall into the illusion trap of “I’ll be happy when ___________” ~ when something is different. But they won’t because happiness is not a circumstance. Happiness is a choice. People often do the same thing with taking the steps to produce better results in their life. “I’ll do better when ________ is different.” […]

Friendly Universe

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One of my most quoted quotes comes from Albert Einstein. He said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” This choice sets our lives onto two very different trajectories. Now just because you believe you live in a friendly universe, this does not mean […]

It Is Not Personal!

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Most (if not all) of what we take personally is not personal. It is just people being people.People do weird things. People do things that do not make sense. People often do not act in their own best interest. People often do not look before they leap. People often stick their foot in their mouth. […]

Confusion About Pain

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 People are often so anxious to avoid short term pain that they will do whatever it takes to avoid it. However, this almost always ensures long term pain. Seldom does taking the easy way out produce the desired result. The opportunity is to flip this and embrace short term pain for long term gain. Much love, […]

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