Does aiming for success create failure?

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My answer is ~ oftentimes it does. My other answer is ~ it depends. First of all we need to define success and failure. In our society, the most common definition of success is money. According to this line of though, we can just put an equal sign between money and success (money = success […]

Is It Okay To Seek After Wealth?

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My friend, Marlow Felton, has an affirmation that I love:  “Wealth is there, I just have to look for it.” I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  And, the conclusion I’ve come to is that we find what we look for. Things get very interesting though because very often there is a difference between […]

Make Yourself Irresistible To What You Want

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So much has been written about how to get what you want and about how to use the law of attraction. And yet, so often we struggle (or even fail) to get what we want? What’s up with that? Although there are a large number of things that could be causing this, chances are good […]

The relationship between healthy eating and wealth consciousness

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Guest blog post from my good friend Kurt Jacobson What does healthy eating habits have to do with your wealth consciousness? Plenty, because how you do anything is how you do everything. If you are not taking care of your health needs there are probably other areas of your life that are need work too. Even […]

Three Hundred and Sixty Five Days of Wealth Consciousness

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One year ago I took a really hard and honest look at my life. What I saw wasn’t pretty. I had been pretending for years that things were changing and that I was turning the corner. The truth was – things weren’t changing and I wasn’t turning the corner. Nothing had really changed for the […]

Happiness Strategies for You with Your Significant Other ~ By Happiness Expert Erica M Nelson

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One of the common themes among women I coach is “I’m doing well with joy in my life, but how can I get my husband (or boyfriend) to feel the same way?” Or perhaps you notice that the person you love doesn’t understand your desire to change, grow, and blossom. Within you, begin to observe […]

Are SMART Goals Really Stupid

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Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about what you want and then inspiring you to turn your vision into reality.  It involves becoming clear about what you want to achieve in your life and then breaking that down into the steps and actions you need to take in order to make it happen. […]

What If ~ This Really Is It!

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What is going on in your life right now that you wish was different? Pick 2 or 3 key things that you wish were different.  (Write them down) Now with each of these items say, “This is my reality and I am completely satisfied.” Notice what emotion(s) comes up.  ~ anger, sadness, denial, resignation, fear, defiance, […]

Everybody Has ADD

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If you are getting enough attention in life, raise your hand. Just as I thought, I don’t see any hands raised.  Therefore it is safe to assume that we are all experiencing a deficit in attention. Now any sales or marketing person will tell you that were there is a gap or a deficit, there […]

Scratch A Pig & Make More Sales

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So often when we are selling, we forget to enter into the other person’s world. We do not meet them where they are at. When we do this, we fail to connect with that person and to genuinely relate with that person. In fact, it usually makes them feel like we do not see them […]

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