The Words Do Matter

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The Words Do Matter

We often think that we use our words like a reporter on the scene describing what is going on ~ as if we were being factual and objective.

The words we use are much more like the artist’s paint brush. They are painting the picture, creating our experience.

Right now I’m staring down at the Rocky Mountains from an airplane. If I use my word paintbrush to say that they look bleak, stark, lonely, and foreboding that will give me one sort of experience.

If I use my word paintbrush to say that they look awesome, inspiring, beautiful, and totally cool, that will give me a very different experience.

The thing is to remember that I am the one creating that experience. I am not the objective reporter, factually reporting on things the way I found them.

When we think we are the reporter rather than the artist, we deceive ourselves and trap ourselves.

I talked to a client this morning and she described herself as being in a holding pattern.

Have you ever been in a holding pattern – flying in circles above the city, not really going anywhere, just killing time, being able to see where you want to be (the city below) but not having access to being there?

I invited her to get rid of the “holding pattern” phrase and replace it with “marinating” – adding flavor and spice, preparing for something delicious.

Holding pattern or marinating, the words do matter. They create our experience.

Oh by the way, I’m going with totally beautiful and awe inspiring! Wow! Wow! And Wow!

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