Problem or opportunity?

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Problem or opportunity?  When that undesirable thing happens, how do you respond? 1) Oh no, I’ve got a problem. 2) Yahoo, I’ve got an opportunity for an upgrade. All problems come with an opportunity for an upgrade, an opportunity for us to let go of some head trash, an opportunity for us to become an […]

Making Friends With Resistance

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Making Friends With Resistance   When resistance shows up in our lives, it is not a problem. It is an opportunity! The resistance is showing us where we have limiting beliefs, lousy stories, or other head trash. Those are the things that create resistance. So when the resistance shows up, it comes hand in hand […]

Sprinklers and Insurance

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Sprinklers and Insurance Sprinklers and insurance – how do those two go together? A friend of a friend is an insurance guy. He also really enjoys doing lawn sprinkler work. It is like a paid hobby for him. And, the sprinkler work generates a lot of insurance business for him. So why am I sharing […]

The Law of Attraction in Times of High Uncertainty

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The Law of Attraction in Times of High Uncertainty Stating the obvious, we are experiencing a period of high uncertainty and most people are “freaking out” about it. The big problem with “freaking out” is that worry, anxiety and panic never improve a situation.  The basic premise of The Law of Attraction is that whatever […]

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