The Law of Attraction in Times of High Uncertainty

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The Law of Attraction in Times of High Uncertainty

Stating the obvious, we are experiencing a period of high uncertainty and most people are “freaking out” about it.

The big problem with “freaking out” is that worry, anxiety and panic never improve a situation.  The basic premise of The Law of Attraction is that whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to is what you get – whether wanted or unwanted.

Well, what are most people focusing on?  Disaster, impending doom, catastrophe, fear, loss, hardship, uncertain times, financial ruin, being a victim – the list goes on.

Hopping onto this bandwagon of negative focus is absolutely the worst thing you can do for yourself right now.  All you are doing is attracting more of the same into your life.

I used to teach a mountain biking class.  One of the skills I taught was how to ride through a tight space: such as between two trees.  To do this, you must focus on what you want, the space.  As soon as you focus on what you do not want, the trees, you will probably run right into them.  This will hurt.

Right now, there are a lot of people focusing on the “trees”.  This will hurt!

Instead of focusing on the “trees”, focus on what you want!

Perspective is how you look at things.  How are you looking at the current situation?

During the great depression, more millionaires were made than at any other time in our history.  Those who made their millions then saw an opportunity where the majority saw a crisis.

Your perspective gives rise to the labels you use. Labels then determine how you interact with something.  You will interact differently with something you label “good” versus something you label “bad” or an “opportunity” versus a “threat”.

I guarantee you that there are a lot of successful people out there who are seeing the current situation as a tremendous opportunity.

Warren Buffet is buying by the wheelbarrow full right now.

Most problems tend to diminish when we get a bigger perspective.  A bigger perspective can be quite useful here as well.

All systems move through cycles and phases.  They have their ups and their downs.  The real estate market, the economy and the stock market are all systems.

This too shall pass!

Noble Prize winning chemist Ilya Prigogine created the theory of dissipative structures.

Without going into what a dissipative structure is, we can take some useful information from this model.  It provides us with a way to manage chaos and uncertainty in our lives without becoming a victim to it.

The model shows us that under certain conditions a system becomes increasingly unstable and reaches a point where it can no longer maintain or reorganize itself.  At this point, the point of bifurcation, the system has to change.  It will either jump to a higher level of organization or break down and reorganize at a lower level of organization.

The period of time while this is happening is called the period of perturbation.  It is a time of high chaos and fluctuating energy.  Chaos always precedes the shift.

We are now experiencing the chaos that precedes the shift.  The system will reorganize.

Looking for the opportunities to serve is a way to thrive in the chaos.  Be of service to others.  Be of use.  See what others need and then provide it. (That sounds like a definition of entrepreneurship)

The more you panic, the more you feed the monster and the bigger the problem becomes.

Stay positive, focus on what you want and know that this too shall pass!

Wishing you great joy and tremendous success,

Jonathan Manske

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