Selling Well

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Selling Well When we sell well, we add to people’s lives! The head trash is that we are taking something away from them – their money! Instead focus on what is it that we are adding to their lives – solutions to problems, helping them to do better or to live better, opportunity, improvement, encouragement, […]

But what will they think?

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But what will they think? Because we don’t fully love, accept, and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, we worry about what other people think of us. However, this puts us into a damned if we do and damned if we don’t position. No matter what we do or do not do, some people […]

Coach gets his buttons pushed and pushes back

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Coach gets his buttons pushed and pushes back I’ve been thinking all day about a facebook thread I read this morning. It is a great case study. The volleyball coach made a substitution. The substitute promptly served into the net. The player who had been subbed for said, “seriously” and the coach heard her. She […]

We just have to ask

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We just have to ask I was talking with my friend today. He’s a travel writer. When he travels he asks the hotels for complimentary lodging (because he’s a travel writer). Sometimes they say yes, sometimes they say no. But if he didn’t ask then it would always be a no. Saturday while I was […]

Like and Love

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Like and Love People tend to do a lot of talking about what they do not like. If we pay attention, we will notice that every time we do this, our hearts close a little bit (or a lot). The consequences of our hearts closing are: lethargy, unhappiness, irritability, being uncentered, and being less magnetic […]

The Power of “Of Course”

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The Power of “Of Course” Talking to yourself using “of course” is a great way to upgrade your self-image and recondition your brain for greater success. Of course people want to work with me / join my business. Of course I can achieve that goal. Of course I do great work at am great at […]

A boy named Johnny

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A boy named Johnny When we try to understand people from a logical perspective, we often end up just scratching our heads in bewilderment. Emotion, non-conscious programming, and head trash are what typically guides behavior – not logic. Take the case of Johnny Manziel. (He’s an NFL quarterback, first round draft choice, Heisman trophy winner, […]

What does history have to do with anything?

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What does history have to do with anything? Before the Super Bowl, I was mostly just hoping that the game would be close. As a life-long Broncos fan, I have watched my team get blown out 5 times (including the debacle of 2 years ago). Super Bowl 12: Dallas Cowboys 27 Broncos 10 Super Bowl […]

Legal rights and self-condemnation

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Legal rights and self-condemnation Imagine that we have to go get a permit anytime we want to change ourselves and that the permitting process happens court room style. So there we are in court submitting our proposal to do better in business and then the prosecutor pulls out this long list of times and dates […]

Credo upgrade

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Credo upgrade Many people are living from a very uninspiring credo: I am a small fish. This shows up with repetitive thoughts like: Who am I to be successful? Who am I to be truly happy? Who am I to be a leader? Who am I to be wealthy? Who am I to excel? Who […]

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