Art and the Law of Attraction

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My friend, Dennis, says, “I believe art is a universal language that feeds our soul and enriches our lives. If you aren’t involved in the arts in some way, there is an empty space in your soul that nothing else can fill.” If our soul isn’t being fed, if we don’t make the time for […]

Toot Your Own Horn

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Many of us were raised under the admonition to “not toot your own horn”. This easily and frequently devolves into “don’t recognize your own value”. And when we don’t recognize our own value, we get in our own way – big time. Say out loud, “I have value to offer” and rate how that feels […]

Shadow Agenda

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This image is a great metaphor for the challenge of getting what we want.     On the one side of the scale is the agenda that we are aware of e.g. grow my business, find my soulmate, get in shape etc. On the other side of the scale is the shadow agenda (head trash) […]

Taxes and Hike-To Skiing

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Last Friday I went skiing and the normal runs were not enough. I just had to hike to the top so that I could ski some fresh powder in Serenity Bowl. Hiking in ski boots, at 12,500 ft., up a steep incline, in snow, while carrying skis is not exactly easy. There were quite a […]


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Evidence does not prove that your story is true. Evidence proves that you have been telling yourself the same story for a long time. Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people live better lives. So, if you know someone who would […]

Poor Communication at the DMV

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I went to the DMV yesterday to get my license plate tags. I walked in through the same door that I have many times before. One of the clerks said, “You came in through the wrong door. You need to go out that door and enter through the other door.” I’m thinking that she’s not […]

Chasing Approval

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We spend so much time, effort, and energy chasing after approval. And, it is such a waste. The only approval we really need is our own and we already have everything we need to completely and whole-heartedly approve of ourselves. What if it is high time to be done chasing after approval? What if it […]

A Ridiculous Trade

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Would you trade 1lbs of discomfort for 100lbs of discomfort?Answer carefully because this is a trick question. We do this all the time. How often do we do whatever it takes to escape momentary discomfort without giving a second thought to future ramifications? We don’t do the thing in the moment (talk to the stranger, […]

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