Life Described by Legos

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Life Described by Legos

Imagine that you are building a huge structure out of Legos and that you need to add another Lego piece every minute.

Now imagine that every so often you hit a funk and get into an “I don’t feel like it” mode. In these times, you just add a random Lego piece rather than the appropriate piece.

What’s going to happen? Can you get away with this?

No you cannot get away with this. Sooner or later this is going to mess things up, make things more complicated, or require a massive work around to fix things.

Just like with the Legos, there is a very real consequence to each and every action we take and choice we make. They determine who we are in the process of becoming. They shape our identity.

So any time that I choose to seek easy rather than doing the right thing, I am becoming the person who does not do what he needs to do in order to move forward. I become the guy who is massively addicted to his comfort zone.

And every time that I do the right thing even though I don’t feel like it, I am building an identity of success, confidence, and competence.

Every little Lego, every little choice, does matter.

Much Love,

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