Life Is Good

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I‘m sitting here wondering what to write about ~ and “life is good” popped into my mind. Because my life truly is good and I am very grateful!  hen I thought about the Life Is Good t-shirt company and wondered if it is just a catchy slogan or whether they walk their talk.  ell, a […]

Peace of Mind Strategy

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Do you want more peace of mind? If so, remember that others are not good or bad ~ depending on how they align with your opinions, values, and world view. They are just different. I often tell myself, “not good or bad, just different!” and I feel myself relax and let go. Much love, Jonathan […]

Blind Spots

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I met a client for coffee this morning at Panera Bread and I had a flash back to the first time I was in a Panera. I wanted to get a glass of water. So, I was looking for the little lever (usually located under the lemonade) on the soda dispenser that would give me […]

Friendly Universe

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One of my most quoted quotes comes from Albert Einstein. He said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” This choice sets our lives onto two very different trajectories. Now just because you believe you live in a friendly universe, this does not mean […]

Building an Elegant Trap

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In order to better understand people, we need to understand how pain and pleasure motivate. We either move away from pain or we move towards pleasure. Moving away from pain is reactive and moving towards pleasure is proactive. Most of the time people are moving away from pain rather than moving towards what they really […]

A Change Of Opinion

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A year ago, the boy we carpool to school with told my daughter that he did not like our Halloween decorations. Sabine was devastated. She loves our decorations. This was a chance to talk with her about not taking things personally. That this was just his opinion. It wasn’t right or wrong, it was just […]

It Is Your Fault Daddy

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The distinction responsible for vs responsible to is so important to understand if you ever do anything like interact with other people, have a significant other, have kids, or have a network marketing business. It is impossible to be responsible for another person. No matter how much we want to, we cannot control their thoughts, […]

Perspective ~ Really, It Can Be Changed

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I was with a group of people on Sunday who had attended an all-day training the day before. Everyone shared their big take-away.   Every single big aha involved a change in perspective, a different way of looking at something, someone, or themselves.   So often we think that our perspective (the one we stumbled […]

Go Play! – Happy Labor Day!

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Remember ~ There is nothing to prove! You are already enough! Now go play! Enjoy your life!!!   Much love,   Jonathan Know someone else who would enjoy a daily dose? Here is the subscription link     The Law of Attraction Made Simple ~ over 100 5-star reviews Awesome LOA Book

At The Carwash

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At The Carwash We were at the carwash Sunday getting my friend’s car washed. He wanted Sabine (my daughter) to give the tip. So, he taught her how to do the cool handshake tip where you palm the money and exchange it in a handshake. We even practiced quite a few times. But then Sabine […]

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