Plumbing is Really Cool

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Plumbing is Really Cool A group of us were talking today and my friend mentioned how annoyed and upset her husband gets about paying taxes. A bunch of people jumped in about being grateful. Highways are nice. Infrastructure is nice. Incomes are nice etc. I asked the group, “Have any of you lived in a […]

A different sort of Daily Dose today

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Q: Why is your inbox filled with spam? A: Because it works. As long as it keeps working, the spammers will keep spamming. If we want spam to go away, we need to never ever never never purchase anything from a spam email. Even if the spam triggers a latent need (by gosh I do […]

Socially Acceptable???

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Worry is socially acceptable. Negative self-talk is socially acceptable. Gossiping and bad-mouthing others is socially acceptable. Complaining and making others wrong is socially acceptable. And many other things like this . . . Whoa! If all that is socially acceptable, then our society has clearly gotten off track! How can things that are clearly detrimental […]

Are Your Definitions Up To Date?

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Are your definitions of things like: success, achievement, wealth, abundance, greatness, value, worth, honor, integrity . . . the same as God’s /The Universe’s definitions? If not, you have a lot more suffering and isolation in your life than you would have otherwise. And, you have some very important work to do in the personal […]

Being Grateful For The Things We Take For Granted

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Today I will be getting my head shaved for St Baldrick’s, a non-profit organization that raises money for childhood cancer research. Part of the reason I do this every year is to remind myself to be grateful for what I already have. Both of my daughters are totally healthy and for that I am so […]

A Mathematical Look At Life

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We are the sum total of all of our vibrations, the positive and the negative. And that sum total determines what we attract ~ and more importantly, our level of happiness. 9+7-6-8-9+11-4+3-6+9-5+5-6+7-8+3+6+2-5+8-3-4+7-1+9=21 Every hurt we forgive, every grudge we drop, every bit of head trash we release, every consciousness upgrade we make increases our total, […]

Baby Steps Over Time & Distance

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If I fire a gun at a target 10 yards away and then move the barrel 1 millimeter and fire again, the bullet holes will be darn close to identical. However, those same two trajectories will produce a much bigger difference over the space of 300 yards. Over the distance of a mile, the difference […]

Fix vs. Create

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A focus on the past leads to “I need to fix.” This automatically puts us into resistance and what we resist persists.  A focus on the future leads to “What do I want to create?” This puts us into possibility thinking.  When we focus on the past, then the past usually becomes predictive of our […]

The Eeyore Walk vs The Tigger Walk

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Want to hear something absolutely ridiculous?  We have zero problems with engaging in negative self-talk but find it weird, strange, and awkward to engage in positive self-talk. That is RIDICULOUS!  Every time I coach a volleyball clinic, we do a simple drill. I throw the ball at the person and her job is to pass […]

The Kindness Test

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A useful way of interacting with ourselves is to ask, “Does that view of myself or that self-talk pass the kindness test?” If I want to be kind to another person, would I say that to him or her? If the answer is no, then don’t say it to yourself either. Be kind to yourself!!! […]

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