Thomas Jefferson is giving me a hard time

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Thomas Jefferson is giving me a hard time (To understand this Daily Dose, you need to know that we saw the musical, Hamilton, on our recent trip to NY. It is the life history of Alexander Hamilton and it is amazing!!!) Imagine that you ran into Lin-Manuel Miranda, the guy who plays Hamilton, and asked […]


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I DID MY JOB!!!!! I have realized that I can do my job and experience the satisfaction that comes from doing my job – independent of the outcome. When I set the stage for someone to have a great experience, I have done my job. Whether or not they have the great experience is their […]

Best Days

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Best Days Are your best days still ahead of you or are you looking at them in the rear view mirror? Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people live better lives. So, if you know someone who would benefit from today’s […]

Reporters and Artists

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Reporters and Artists When we speak, we often think that we are a reporter – factually reporting on what we are observing. But our words are much more like the artist’s brush – painting and creating our experience. Think about something or someone that makes you mad and then say these three different things and […]

You Have Already Arrived

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You Have Already Arrived People live so much of their lives thinking that they have not arrived yet – but that they will arrive when they are (fill in the blank) more successful, wealthier, skinnier, happier, etc. This is a lousy life strategy. First of all it creates a lot of suffering. “I’m not okay because I […]

Plumbing is Really Cool

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Plumbing is Really Cool A group of us were talking today and my friend mentioned how annoyed and upset her husband gets about paying taxes. A bunch of people jumped in about being grateful. Highways are nice. Infrastructure is nice. Incomes are nice etc. I asked the group, “Have any of you lived in a […]

A different sort of Daily Dose today

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Q: Why is your inbox filled with spam? A: Because it works. As long as it keeps working, the spammers will keep spamming. If we want spam to go away, we need to never ever never never purchase anything from a spam email. Even if the spam triggers a latent need (by gosh I do […]

Socially Acceptable???

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Worry is socially acceptable. Negative self-talk is socially acceptable. Gossiping and bad-mouthing others is socially acceptable. Complaining and making others wrong is socially acceptable. And many other things like this . . . Whoa! If all that is socially acceptable, then our society has clearly gotten off track! How can things that are clearly detrimental […]

Are Your Definitions Up To Date?

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Are your definitions of things like: success, achievement, wealth, abundance, greatness, value, worth, honor, integrity . . . the same as God’s /The Universe’s definitions? If not, you have a lot more suffering and isolation in your life than you would have otherwise. And, you have some very important work to do in the personal […]

Being Grateful For The Things We Take For Granted

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Today I will be getting my head shaved for St Baldrick’s, a non-profit organization that raises money for childhood cancer research. Part of the reason I do this every year is to remind myself to be grateful for what I already have. Both of my daughters are totally healthy and for that I am so […]

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