Love does not require liking

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Love does not require liking  It is easy to love the people that we like. And, it is easy to not love the people that we don’t like. But, this is a very damaging trap to fall into. First of all, when I judge people and withhold love – this does not make my life […]

Making Joy a Priority!

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Making Joy a Priority!  So often we get caught in the trap of making suffering, or worrying, or anger, or something like that our priority. What if instead, we consistently made joy our priority? Any moment we don’t live in joy is a missed opportunity. It is also a choice that we make ~ regardless […]

A kind word

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A kind word  It doesn’t take much extra effort to be kind and friendly. We are in Manhattan for Thanksgiving. So, I’ve had many chances to interact with complete strangers – stewardesses, Uber drivers, bagel shop employees, Classic Harbor Line employees, strangers, grocery store employees and . . . It is very rare to find […]

Pursuing Joy

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Pursuing Joy  Pursuing joy in making phone calls. Pursuing joy in cleaning the kitchen. Pursuing joy in taking the kid to the dentist. Pursuing joy . . . We can pursue joy anywhere we go and in anything we do. We can also turn all those things into chores and then suffer our way through […]

Cruising for happiness

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Cruising for happiness  The cruise lines do a fabulous job of training their people to initiate contact, make eye contact, smile, and greet people all day long. I invite you to have a cruise ship employee kind of day today. Greet everyone you cross paths with today with a little attention, a smile, and an […]

Winning minds by winning hearts

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Winning minds by winning hearts  It seems to me that the most effective ways to win people’s minds is to first win their hearts. We can do that by helping them, caring for them, and treating them with kindness. There’s a great story in one of my favorite books, The Happiest Man in the World by […]

Whoa ~ a super deep thought

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Whoa ~ a super deep thought When we make life more fun we will have more fun. We want to enjoy life but do we make the enjoyable things a priority? Or do we get too busy and put those things off. Richard Branson said, “Don’t think of fun as a reward, think of it […]

Salmon and Miracles

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Salmon and Miracles Einstein said something along the lines of ~ there are two ways to look at the world: as if there are no miracles or if everything is a miracle.I prefer the second. When we see and appreciate miracles (and even look for them) life gets so much richer. Since I have salmon […]

Two schools of leadership/ parenting/ supporting

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Two schools of leadership/ parenting/ supporting Is our fundamental premise that people are incompetent and need to be managed, prodded, motivated, and controlled or do people need to be unleashed and supported? The former creates dependency and hesitation. The latter creates independence and confidence. If you have created dependent people in your life then a […]

Waking Up

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Waking Up Many people start their day in scarcity because their first thought is a “not enough” thought. “I did not get enough sleep.” This sets the tone for the whole day. Yes, one can get over this but, it is starting the day in a hole which means effort and energy are required to […]

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