Upset is upset no matter what  

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Upset is upset no matter what  Here’s a simple question ~ Is life good or enjoyable when you are upset? No matter how good our reason is for being upset, no matter how justified we are in our minds for being upset ~ being upset causes us to suffer. Life is not good when we […]


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Forgiveness  We all know that we are supposed to forgive. But, many still choose to hang on to grudges, hurts, slights, being disrespected, being wronged, etc. Let’s look at the consequences of hanging on to that junk: We cannot be upset and happy at the same time. So, any time that we spend being upset […]

Bruises heal

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Bruises heal  Imagine having a big bruise and several times a day you give it a hard poke. Even though our bodies know how to heal, this bruise won’t go away because we keep rebruising the bruise. We have all been bruised by life and the people in our lives. But, bruises heal – when […]

Time Machine

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Time Machine  If I had a time machine, there are a lot of things that I would go back in time and do differently – a choice I made, the way I treated someone, actions I took or did not take . . . But undoubtedly, over time, I’d look back at some of those […]

Moving forwards

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Moving forwards    We cannot move forward while clinging to the past. Yes, we have all made non-ideal choices. Yes, we have all made mistakes. If I had a time machine, there are many things I would go back and do differently. And . . . this is all part of being a human. So, […]

Procrastination and overwhelm

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Procrastination and overwhelm  Oftentimes the first step in dealing with procrastination and overwhelm is self-forgiveness. When we procrastinate and or get overwhelmed, we are not bad or wrong or defective. We are merely human. But people treat themselves like they are bad, wrong, or defective. Once we forgive ourselves, we allow ourselves to be human […]

Forgiveness of Self

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Forgiveness of Self  Is there anything that you haven’t forgiven yourself for doing (or not doing)? If we are honest with ourselves – most likely there are some areas of unforgiveness. If we cannot forgive ourselves, then on some level we are saying that we are bad and wrong. If we are bad and wrong […]

Restorative and Expansive

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Restorative and Expansive  Whether we call it personal growth work, law of attraction work, or renewing our minds – there are two types of work, restorative and expansive. An effective program includes both. Restorative work is about uncovering the lies, upgrading the limiting beliefs, and breaking free from our “less than” identity. We are working […]

Guilt is not a success strategy

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Guilt is not a success strategy The illusion is that if I feel guilty about something, it will help me to change, to not do that thing again, or to do better next time. It won’t! Not a chance! That is not the way the brain works. Whatever we continually impress upon our brains basically […]

Shoulds hold us in the past

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Shoulds hold us in the past That should not have happened! I should have made a different choice! He shouldn’t have done that! I should be doing better. And so on . . . As long as that should is there in our thinking, we are looking at the past and consequently we are severely […]

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