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We all know that we are supposed to forgive. But, many still choose to hang on to grudges, hurts, slights, being disrespected, being wronged, etc.
Let’s look at the consequences of hanging on to that junk:
We cannot be upset and happy at the same time. So, any time that we spend being upset about those things are times that we cannot experience joy, happiness, peace, love, or contentment.
Furthermore, when we are in those lower energy states that come from being upset, our brains do not work as well. They are less creative, less accurate, process information slower, and get overwhelmed easier.
We become less magnetic to our good and more magnetic to problems and disappointment.
We also become more fragile or vulnerable to additional upsets. It is like being a knight in shining armor with a big hole in the armor. This defeats the purpose of the armor and makes the knight very vulnerable.
Finally, if we cannot forgive others, then it is almost certain that we also cannot forgive ourselves. This can create some huge counter-intent when we attempt to do better – if I cannot forgive myself, then obviously I must be bad. And if I’m bad then I need to be punished, not rewarded with greater success.
Hanging on to that unforgiveness is not a little thing. It is a huge thing with huge negative consequences.
p.s. some notes about forgiveness:
  • Forgiving does not condone the other person’s behavior. That behavior can be totally wrong but we don’t have to suffer about it.
  • We can forgive someone and choose to never have anything to do with them again. We don’t have to be best friends now.
  • We forgive for our own sake. Forgiveness is saying, “I’m done suffering about that.”
  • How anyone else behaves is ultimately between them and God. It is not our job to make sure “they get what is coming to them”.

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photo credit: Irving Abdiel via photopin (license)

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