We see what we expect to see

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We see what we expect to see  So often we see what we expect to see, rather than what is actually there. I remember the first time I went to Panera Bread. I went to get a glass of ice water. I filled my glass with ice and then started looking for the little water […]

Counter intent

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Counter intent    It is so easy for counter intent to sneak into our thinking and cause problems. I want to grow my business but . . . I don’t want to lose my freedom or be too busy. I want to have a significant other but . . . I don’t want to get […]

The cost of being disappointed in ourselves

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The cost of being disappointed in ourselves   When we act out of integrity (when we don’t do what we say we are going to do) we break trust with others and close doors on opportunity. When we act out of integrity, we also break trust with ourselves. There’s a part of us that is […]

Delayed results

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Delayed results  I planted a bunch of bulbs in my garden last year. They didn’t do much. This year I already have a bunch of flowers. A friend of mine used to own some vineyards. He told me that this year’s grapes grow on last year’s vines. This year’s new vines won’t produce any fruit. […]

The pursuit of fun

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The pursuit of fun  “The pursuit of fun” – what do those words bring up? Many adults have some sort of story that fun is for kids and that as adults we have to be serious. Who says? And, why should we listen to them? What if it is okay to have fun, to be […]

Imaginary Debt

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Imaginary Debt People often mistakenly think that they owe someone something which keeps them stuck where they are. For example, I cannot quit my job even though I don’t want to be here because I owe them for hiring me in the first place. No I don’t owe them anything. The ledger is balanced. I […]

Two schools of leadership/ parenting/ supporting

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Two schools of leadership/ parenting/ supporting Is our fundamental premise that people are incompetent and need to be managed, prodded, motivated, and controlled or do people need to be unleashed and supported? The former creates dependency and hesitation. The latter creates independence and confidence. If you have created dependent people in your life then a […]

Being present by projecting into the future

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Being present by projecting into the future Be present. Be here now. Live in the present. We’ve heard this wise advice many times in many ways. Interestingly enough, projecting into the future can actually help us be more present now. If I’m feeling the invitation to check out or the invitation to not do what […]

Lousy Mind Readers

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Lousy Mind Readers In The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz tells us to not make any assumptions. That is great advice that we tend to do a poor job of following. We think we know what is going on with people. We think that we can read their minds. When in truth we don’t have […]

The Power of “Of Course”

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The Power of “Of Course” Talking to yourself using “of course” is a great way to upgrade your self-image and recondition your brain for greater success. Of course people want to work with me / join my business. Of course I can achieve that goal. Of course I do great work at am great at […]

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