I’m just an average guy

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I’m just an average guy  “It is impossible to outperform your self-image.” Dr Maxwell Maltz in Psycho-Cybernetics I’ve referenced that quote about a million times. Our self-image (our beliefs about who I think I am and am not, what does and does not happen to me, what is possible and impossible for me, what I […]

Just like me

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Just like me  When we feel the urge to find fault with someone, it is very useful to remember that: Just like me, that person is trying to make sense of his or her life. Just like me, that person is trying to get what he or she wants and avoid getting hurt. Just like […]

Brutality of disappointment

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Brutality of disappointment  Many times, there are potential action items that we are uncomfortable doing. We can make it easier to do these things when we get honest with ourselves about how painful it is to be disappointed in ourselves. When we don’t do the thing(s) that would move us forward, we end up feeling […]

Real reality vs virtual reality

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Real reality vs virtual reality  The people from facebook had a virtual reality exhibit set up in Center Village at Copper Mountain today. One of the facebook guys asked me if I wanted to check it out. I told him that since I was there skiing (and the skiing was wonderful) I would stick to […]

Reverse Cherry Picking

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Reverse Cherry Picking                                Cherry picking ~ selectively choosing the best or most beneficial from what is available. If I was picking cherries to make a cherry pie, I would pick the ripe ones. I would not pick the over-ripe, under-ripe, […]

Can it really be this easy?

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Can it really be this easy?  Last Saturday we took our annual trip to the forest to cut down a Christmas tree. In years past, it has taken quite a bit of doing to get us to all agree on the same tree. And then by the time this happens we have a long hike […]

We don’t realize how good we already have it

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We don’t realize how good we already have it Last night we went to the balloon staging area for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. One side of the street at the staging area is private access and the other side is public access. Many of the residents on the private access side throw balloon parties. If […]


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Avocados If you have ever bought avocados, you know that you don’t just blindly grab a couple of avocados, throw them into your cart and go on your merry way. Instead, we sort through the avocados to find the ones that are just right – not too hard, not too mushy. And hopefully you don’t […]

Circus expectations

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Circus expectations We saw Toruk by Cirque Du Soleil this evening. Toruk trades the breathtaking acrobatics of every other Cirque Du Soleil performance that I’ve seen for breathtaking special effects and set design. Toruk was almost like a play with some acrobatics thrown in. Based on my previous experiences, it was not at all what […]

Deer Conversations

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Deer Conversations  Can you imagine two deer talking? ~ Deer 1: Gosh I sure hope there’s still grass to eat in August. Deer 2: Me too. Where in the world is it going to come from? I’m starting to stress out here! Deer 1: What are we going to do? Our ability to think is […]

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